How to Hang Garland on a Mantel


Hanging beautiful Christmas garland on a fireplace mantel without the use of nails is quick and easy to do thanks to Command Strips.

If you choose to only use two pieces of artificial garland you’ll get a sparser look, but it’ll still look very pretty.


I’ve found the best way to start is to hang any bell or ornament garlands on the front face of the fireplace using command hooks. I like to use both the wire toggle hooks and the larger plastic command hooks.

Command hooks

 Place a command hook on the top center and front center of the mantel. Allow it to stick for a full hour before adding the garlands.

Attach the end of the first piece of faux garland to the top center hook, then secure the end of the garland around the large command hook on the end of the mantel. Attach the second piece of garland to the command hook on the front of the mantel.

When adding the next two pieces of garland, stick the ends into the garland that’s already secured. You can use wire or zip ties to secure it further if your garland is particularly heavy.

Position and maneuver the branches to cover all the command hooks. Use green floral wire or green zip ties to secure the garlands together otherwise, they will eventually sag and fall down.