How to Mix and Match Throw Pillows


The ability to mix patterns in textiles such as throw pillows, curtains and rugs will really help to bring your space together, create a cohesive look and add interest to your space.

There’s a simple formula that I use that guarantees beautifully styled pillows every time: 1.Pick a Dominant Pattern 2.Pick a Solid Pattern 3.Pick a smaller scale print

Pattern Mixing Formula

Texture also works in place of the smaller scale pattern, and/or can be part of the solid pillow, too. I think it’s always important to vary the textures on throw pillows to really elevate the look.

This is the next step in the process! It’s not any more difficult than pattern mixing with two colors, and follows the exact same formula.

But What if You Want More Color and Variation?

In the example below, I’ve pulled out 2 of the colors from the patterned lumbar pillow to get coordinating colors – a warm camel color, and a darker blue (the less evident color in the pattern).

In the second example, I again opted for the less obvious colors. I could easily have chosen a sky blue solid pillow, but it would look flat and lifeless.

Finally, in the last trio, I opted for the darker shade of blue as well as the darker neutral shade from the pattern.