How to Organize Bathroom Cabinets & Drawers


We'll discuss about the best ideas to organize bathroom toiletries both in drawers and under the sink no matter whether your bathroom is small or large!

Lets focus on bathroom under cabinet organization, especially when it comes to toiletries.

Bathroom Cabinet and Drawer Organization Ideas

So here is where my new favorite products from The Container Store come into play. They recently launched a product collaboration with The Home Edit and I’m really loving all the products.

How to Organize Bathroom Toiletries

I use the acrylic canisters everywhere in my home. I have them in the kitchen for baking supplies, in the playroom for the kids’ markers and crayons and now all the bathrooms have them, too!

To create some vertical storage space, I used my favorite clear stackable drawers and filled them with the first aid supplies as well as the vast amount of travel sized toiletries that I discovered after emptying out the cabinet.

As part of The Home Edit collection, there’s a few sets of labels that you can use to identify everything in your home. 

The divided turntable is great when you’re short on space because it’s just like a lazy susan – fill each section with whatever and then rotate to reach it. I love it!