How to Organize Bathroom Drawers and Cabinets


In this post, I’ll show you how to create an organized bathroom space that looks good and works even better.

Bathroom drawers and cabinets can quickly become cluttered and disorganized, making it difficult to find what you need when you need it.

How to Organize Bathroom Drawers 

When it comes to bathroom storage for drawers and cabinets, it’s important to first understand your storage needs. This will help you determine what items you need to keep and what items you can get rid of. 

Declutter Your Drawers

Once the drawers and cabinets are empty and decluttered. Take some time to deep clean them. Get into the cracks of the drawers and cabinets where dirt and grime build-up. 

Clean Your Drawers

When organizing bathroom drawers and cabinets, it is important to sort and categorize items in a way that makes them easy to store and use. 

Establish Your Storage Needs

Once you know the styles of drawer organizers, clear containers, and trays, measure the spaces that they will go into. I like to measure the full drawer or cabinet space, length X width.

Measure and Shop

Ready to organize your bathroom once and for all? Here’s the essentials you’ll need to get the job done!

Bathroom Organizing Essentials