How to Organize Deep Kitchen Drawers


Have you ever opened your deep kitchen drawers only to find a chaotic jumble of kitchen utensils, dish towels, and seemingly lost items? Deep drawers offer a lot of space, but without the right organizers, they can quickly become your kitchen’s junk drawer.

Let’s take the first step towards a well-organized kitchen by maximizing the available space in these deeper drawers, making everything from pots and pans to your favorite baking supplies easy to find and within easy reach.

These are a great option because they’re not only sturdy and aesthetically pleasing but also expandable and adjustable to fit the specific dimensions of your drawers.

Embrace the Power of Bamboo Drawer Dividers

Peg boards are a fantastic solution for deeper drawers, especially if you store pots, pans, or larger cooking utensils in them.

Utilize Peg Boards

For smaller items that tend to get lost in the depth of the drawer, use clear containers or acrylic dividers.

Organize with Clear Containers and Acrylic Dividers

Transform one of your deep drawers into a dedicated spice drawer. While shallow kitchen drawers are typically used for spices, deeper drawers can be an even better option, especially if you use clear spice jar containers or in-drawer spice racks.

Create a Spice Drawer