How to Paint a Deck


From prep to painting and the best products to use, it’s all covered in this post!

Anywhere that is still brown is where the existing deck was. I used some special deck resurfacing paint on it a few years ago and I just color matched the existing color.

How to Paint a Wood Deck

Transparent stain is just a tinted coat that protects the wood and allows all the grain and knots to show through. Semi-transparent, is like it says, semi-transparent, so it has more color and clouds over the grain a bit more.

Decide on Deck Stain

It’s tintable to any color which made my life easier because I knew the exact look I was going for – a neutral two-tone effect. 

Sherwin Williams Solid Deck Stain

Before we could start painting the new wood deck, it’s was important to prep it. That meant sanding any rough spots and filling any nail holes or cracks in the wood.

Prep the Deck For Paint

In order to cut down on hand painting everything, we used our Wagner Spray Tech paint sprayer and sprayed on all the Extra White paint first. 

Painting The Deck

The deck paint adhered well and there’s no chipping or peeling. The deck stain repels water and the never gets slippery. It was a wonderful product to use and we will happily use it again! Woohoo!

The Finished Deck