How to Paint Bathroom Cabinets


This is such an easy project to do. I promise you, if you follow these steps you’ll get a beautifully painted vanity, too.

I’ve spoken about the best paint for kitchen cabinets in the past, so no surprise that I’m using my number one recommended paint for my bathroom vanity, too. Benjamin Moore Advance paint is an alkyd paint.

Paint For Bathroom Cabinets

It basically acts like an oil-based paint without being a oil-based paint (so no stink!). Once you follow the proper steps and allow it to cure completely, it will dry to a rock-hard finish that resists chipping.

- A quart of Benjamin Moore Advance paint. - 220 – 400 grit sandpaper (I used extra fine 400 grit) - A tack cloth - Paint tray

What You’ll Need

Remove the drawers and hardware. If you’re painting cabinet doors, you can leave them on but it might be easier to just remove them.

How to Paint A Bathroom Vanity Cabinet

Clean the entire vanity to remove any grease or dirt. Lightly sand the entire surface to scuff up the finish and enable the paint to properly adhere.

The easiest way to update the cabinet hardware is to spray paint it. Matte black or any shade of gold work well. 

Vanity Hardware & Faucet