How to Pick The Right Paint Color For Your Home


Blue is my accent color or “pop of color” depending on the room. It’s my main color to decorate with, in varying degrees, but it’s never on the wall. 

How Do I Know What Colors Will Work in My Home?

While the colors choice depends on a personal preference, understanding how colors work – and how they will work in your home and with your furniture and fixtures - will save you a lot of stress and wasted money in the long run.

How To Pick Paint Colors

Paint chips are a printed representation of the paint color and do not always 100% accurately reflect the final color. 

Why Do Paint Colors Look Different on the Wall?

I’ve found that the easiest way to figure out the undertone of a color is to look at the darkest color on the color card.

How to Understand Paint Undertones

All paint colors have undertones, and gray is no different. Gray undertones range from yellow and purple to green and blue. 

Why Does Gray Paint Look Blue on the Wall?

As a general rule, matte or eggshell for walls and satin or semi-gloss for trim and doors..

Which Paint Sheen to Choose

It’s important to always buy samples of the paint colors you are considering. So as not to spend a fortune on samples, narrow down your choices to 2 – 3, and get samples for those.

Always Test Paint Colors in Your Home Before Committing