How to Transition From Christmas To Winter Decor


Here are my top 10 tips for embracing the winter season in your decor while ensuring your home doesn’t look like Christmas-town all season long!

Pack away the red. Red is for Christmas. If we’re talking non-Christmas winter décor, then we want to embrace a more neutral, cozy, rustic sort of vibe. That does not include holiday red!

Ditch The Red

Birch logs in a fireplace, or stacked in a basket on the hearth, are one of my favorite winter decorating tips that adds the perfect rustic touch.

Embrace Nature

Simplify your décor. You may love all the things when it comes to Christmas decorating but after Christmas décor should should embrace the clean, fresh start that a New Year brings.

Embrace a Cleaner, Simpler Look

Add Lots of Texture

Add simple, uncluttered additions like a vase of magnolia branches, or a little plant (real or faux) next to the sink or stove.

Warm up your color scheme by adding in warm wood tones and warmer metallics like matte brass or copper. The will add warmth to rooms that may be feeling cool at this time of the year.

Add Visual Warmth

Continue to use your Christmas greenery and pinecones. Don’t be afraid to leave those little baby Christmas tree (undecorated!) hanging around for a while longer. 

Don’t Pack Everything Away Just Yet…