How to Decorate a Large Wall


Stop staring at that massive blank wall and do something about it! Decorating a large blank wall doesn’t have to be overwhelming – there’s so many great ways to add your unique style and personality!

Picture frame moulding is my one of personal favorite ways to add interest to a large wall. It adds just enough texture to eliminate the “boring” but by painting it the same color as the wall, it doesn’t detract from the rest of the surroundings.

Picture Frame Moulding

This is such a popular choice for many homes and I understand why – it’s can be a relatively cheap and easy way to really transform a large room and creates an expensive, well styled look which will last in terms of style and quality.

Board and Batten

To create a fun three dimensional layered look try assembling different items such as rattan and wicker baskets, macrame pieces, embroidery items and even hanging plates and assemble them to your style and taste. 

Layer it Up

If you are looking to make a statement and you really love the idea of using a bold color, this is the one for you! Using a bold color on a large wall acts as a wonderful statement but also breaks up that super bare wall.

Bold Paint Color

What is so wonderful about wallpaper is the array of patterns and textures available. There really is a style and aesthetic for everyone’s taste. Using wallpaper is simple, affordable and most importantly effective in breaking up that super large wall!


You could choose to create a propagation station, hang beautiful hanging plants from shelving or even delve into creating a living wall by growing your plants and fixing their leaves to follow the path you choose over the wall.