Master Bedroom Update: Adding Contrast


Have you ever taken a step back, assessed the decor and colors in your room, and realized that it just looks a little ‘flat’?

I bought new nightstands, switched up the rugs and bedding every so often…but it just never felt right, because it was missing one important component of a successful design: contrast.

Contrast refers to the juxtaposition of opposing elements such as colors, textures, shapes, and sizes. When used effectively, these elements work together to create a visually pleasing design. 

In my bedroom, for instance, instead of having the entire room in neutral shades – linen headboard, linen curtains, white bedding, light colored rug and light gray walls – I brought in a darker shade of blue for the curtains and one throw pillow on the bench in the corner.

To balance out all the straight lines in the room (the curtains, the dressers, the window shades, etc.) I added a wavy mirror over the dresser. This adds contrast because it’s the opposite shape of what mostly exists in the room.

It’s essential to strike a balance between various textures in your home decor to create an energetic and inviting environment, too.

Balancing Textures

One thing that has consistently bothered me about this bedroom is the lack of symmetry with the windows. In a perfect world, the wall with the bed would have windows on both sides of the bed.