The Best Neutral Wall Colors in 2023


Paint your walls a neutral color scheme and you’ll have the perfect palette for decorating.

Neutral colors remain the most popular paint colors for interiors in 2023. The neutral color palette of greige, beige and grey is a great choice when you want to create an interior with a clean, modern feel.

Why Neutrals Are A Still Popular Choice

These shades of paint can be used in any room without overwhelming or competing with the other colors or design elements of your space, making them the perfect neutral backdrop for your decor.

Warm Gray and Greige

Popular Shades of White, Off-White and Cream


It is very similar in tone to Repose Gray lightened by 50%, making it a wonderful light and airy color. However, in certain light, it has a distinct green cast. For this reason, I think it would be better suited on an individual room basis, and not as a whole house color. 

Drift of Mist by Sherwin Williams

Paper White is another go-to paint color of mine. It’s a very very soft gray, but technically falls into the “off-white” category. It balances out really well for both lighting conditions to create the perfect neutral backdrop. 

Paper White by Benjamin Moore

A highly popular shade of white, Simply White was actually Benjamin Moore’s Color of The Year back in 2016. It’s still as popular as it was that year, and makes a great choice for a warm, creamy white for walls and trim.

Simply White by Benjamin Moore