Paint Colors That Go With Honey Oak (Cabinets or Trim)


Working with honey oak kitchen cabinets or trim is not easy but few shade of paint can instantly bring your space into the modern era.

Unfortunately, it probably will not. Like many things from the 80’s and 90’s, honey oak had its hay-day and probably will not be making a come back any time soon.

Will Honey Oak Come Back in Style?

There are two main ways of working with any existing element in a home: it can either be downplayed (neutralized and camouflaged) or enhanced (highlighted and used as a focal point).

Understanding Color Theory

Figuring out the perfect color for your honey oak cabinets, trim or floors comes down to finding a harmonious color palette, whether that be using analagous colors or complimentary colors.

Figuring Out The Perfect Color

Using the two colors on either side of your main color, you create an analogous color palette. In this case, we’re working with orange, so the colors on either side would be yellow and red.

Analogous Color Palette

Using the color on the opposite side of the color wheel, you get a complementary color palette. Any bright blue color will strongly contrast with orange in the honey oak, thus intensifying the color effect.

Complementary Color Palette

My go-to paint color for the modern home usually comes down to a shade of gray. Even though designers will tell you that it’s falling out of favor, most homeowners still prefer it.

Paint Colors That Work With Honey Oak