How to Prep Walls For Painting (For Best Results!)


Planning on painting? Before you pick up the paintbrush, put some effort into the preparation of your walls. 

The first thing to when prepping your walls before paint is to patch and fill any holes or divots with spackle. If you have a large hole, you may need to use a drywall patch and joint compound.

Repair Holes in the Dry Wall

Once dry, sand the spackle or compound. If you’re just doing a small patch, a sanding sponge or sanding block works fine, although you’ll need the sponge if you need to get into any corners.

Sand Until The Wall is Smooth

Light scuff the rest of the wall with a fine grit sandpaper. This will dull the previous paint and ensure adhesion of the new paint.

Dull the Surface For Paint

Vacuum any dust, then use a tack cloth to ensure the wall is dust-free. Wipe down the wall with a damp cloth or paper towel to ensure it is completely clean (just don’t soak the the spackle!).

Ensure Walls are Clean and Dust Free

Remove outlet and switch plates by unscrewing them. Put a strip of painter’s tape right over the outlet so prevent accidentally rolling paint on it.

Remove Outlet and Switch Plates

If you have a shaky hand, or you’re nervous about your painting abilities, tape off all trim as well as where the wall meets the ceiling. 

Apply Painter’s Tape