Pretty Scalloped Home Decor Finds


Scalloped home decor has seen a resurgence in popularity recently, and for a good reason.

We love the scalloped design because it is a beautiful and versatile pattern that can be seen in many aspects of home decor. Scalloped design features a series of curved, semi-circular edges, creating a charming and unique look.

Understanding Scalloped Home Decor

The soft curves and elegant lines give it a sophisticated touch, making it perfect for various interior design styles, including traditional, coastal, and even grandmillennial.

Classic and Timeless Appeal

Incorporating scalloped home decor can be done in both small and big ways, and with so many options available, you can easily find the perfect scalloped elements to transform your living spaces. 

Incorporating Scalloped Elements

Some smaller home accessories that also feature scalloped edges – picture frames, mirrors, and planters. These charming touches can elevate even the simplest of items and add character and personality to your space.

Frames, Mirrors, and Planters

I really love this trend for little girls’ bedrooms, as the whimsical nature of scalloped edges works perfectly. With 4 little boys of my own, my imaginary little girls’ room will have to stay in my imagination!

Kids’ Rooms

Finally, we can’t ignore the living room when searching for pretty scalloped finds. A well-placed scalloped coffee table or side table adds a unique twist while keeping things functional.

Living Room Touches