Rug Placement Tips For Every Room


This rug placement guide will answer all your questions about rug size and placement for living rooms, TV rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms!

If you have hardwood, tile, or other hard-surface flooring, most rooms will benefit from a rug. I almost always use area rugs in the living room, family room or TV room, home office, playroom, and bedrooms.

Which Rooms Need Rugs?

There are so many reasons to use rugs! Here are the top reasons: They make a room feel cozy. They provide a soft surface underfoot and for kids to play on.

What Are the Benefits of Rugs?

The carpet already makes the space feel warmer, dampens sound, and provides a soft surface the walk on. The decision to put a rug on top of it is purely decorative.

Can I Put a Rug Over Wall-To-Wall Carpet?

The living room or family room rug is arguably the most important one in the house. It will also likely see the most foot traffic, stains, pet spots, and general wear and tear.

The Right Size Rug For Living Rooms

A rug can look gorgeous in a dining room, but it’s important to get the dimensions right, and it will all depend on the size and shape of your table.

The Right Size Rug For Dining Rooms

Bedroom rugs offer a soft surface for your feet and help dampen the bedroom’s sounds. They can add color and texture, and totally change the look of your room.

The Right Size Rug For Bedrooms