Serena and Lily Balboa Counter Stool Review


A review of our Serena & Lily Balboa Counter Stools, after using them daily for several months. How they’ve held up with 3 young boys and whether I consider them worth the money.

When designing any space, there’s usually one piece that you start with as your inspiration, and then you design around it. In the case of my kitchen remodel, I started with the Serena and Lily Balboa Counter Stools and white cabinets for a coastal look.

My Initial Impressions

If you’ve ever owned anything from the great Serena and Lily online store, you’ll know that the quality of their products is excellent.

How’s the Quality?

The rattan counter stools are sturdy, and the rattan is wound tight. The cushion is very comfortable and with the high seat back, the chairs are comfortable to sit in for an extended period of time.

The material on the cushions is stain resistant, so they are easy to wipe down. However, with three young boys – ages 2, 4 and 6 sitting on these chairs multiple times a day during casual dining, it’s been a good idea to remove the cushion cover to wash monthly.

How Do They Hold Up With Kids?

I’ve caught my kids picking at the rattan on several occasions, but luckily everything has remained intact. I think this is a testament to how well they are made. They are definitely high-quality pieces.

In my opinion, the best Serena & Lily pieces are the ones with timeless style like these bar stools. They have a great look and will provide years of daily use.

Final Thoughts