Sherwin Williams City Loft


City Loft by Sherwin Williams (SW 7631) is the perfect light-toned, soft hue color that feels very warm and cozy!

City Loft is what we would call a chameleon color. Meaning surroundings and lighting play a huge role in how the color will play out in your space.

What Color is City Loft?

This paint color has an LRV of 70 meaning City Loft falls on the lighter end of the scale, pretty close to being an off-white, but still just on the higher end of being a light paint color.

What is The LRV?

Because of its strong beige undertones, Sherwin Williams City Loft is a warm paint color, but it does have enough gray to stop it from being too warm.

Is it a Warm or Cool Color?

City Loft has undertones that are gray, beige, and taupe. Taupe means that is has a soft pink/purple undertone, which is very common in greige paint colors.

What Are The Undertones?

City Loft is one of those soft neutral paint colors that really will work well in any space, provided it has the right lighting conditions.

Real Room Examples

This room is getting nice bright light coming in from the left, which is really lifting the paint color. However, the dark accent pieces (photo frames and ceiling light) help pull out some of the warmer tones.

Dining Room