Sherwin Williams Sea Salt


 As an iconic blue-green paint color, both soft and muted, Sea salt has green, gray, and hint of blue undertones.   

Sea Salt can be a fantastic whole-house paint color if you’re looking to really achieve that beachy vibe, but it also works well in specific rooms such as bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

What rooms does Sea Salt work best in?

SW Sea Salt wouldn’t be my first choice for a living room paint color. However, that’s to say it wouldn’t be perfect for your home.

Is SW Sea Salt a Good Color for Living Rooms?

Sea Salt falls more on the cool with hints of warmth. As a cooler color, it makes a space feel spacious, and relaxing, and will work well in many rooms of your home.

Is It A Warm Or Cool Color?

Sea Salt by Sherwin Williams has mostly green and gray undertones, with a hint of blue.

What Are The Undertones of Sea Salt?

Be sure to grab a reusable peel and stick sample from Samplize for the no-mess way to sample SW Sea Salt in your own home.

Real Room Examples

In this photo you can see Sea Salt looks way more blue than green, because of the lighting. This is why we refer to it as a chameleon color. Depending on the lighting, time of day, and what colors surround it, will greatly affect the color.