Simple DIY Christmas Window Box


Assembling a Christmas window box arrangement is really easy to do. Once everything has been gathered, it’s simply a matter of layering them into the box.

Pick and choose your greenery based on what’s available at your local garden center or what you can clip from your own yard. As a base, you’ll want to use some cheap artificial greenery, like the type used for swags or garland. 

What You’ll Need

Assembling the Christmas Window Box


Remove any fall flowers or plantings, keeping the dirt in. Put the base layer of artificial greenery along the bottom, fluffing and shaping it so that it’s not completely flat.

Start with the drapey greenery first ,right at the front. Cedar or pine work well to get this pretty draping effect over the front of the window box. Stick the branches right into the dirt so that they are secure.

Add height with a stiff branch like a piece of fir or spruce. Basically a piece that looks like the top of a Christmas tree. You could also add in 2 – 3 skinny birch logs in front of this, but I couldn’t find any that were small enough.

 Layer in the large pinecones and berries to add color. Fill in any gaps with the holly and any other evergreen clippings you might have, until the window box looks full.