5 Simple Ways to Find Your Personal Decorating Style


Today I’m going to share some tips from my book, Home in Progress: The Ultimate Home Decorator’s Guide that will help you define your decorating style.

My Simple 5 Step Process to Define Your Style

Your personal decorating style is a reflection of your personality, so it makes sense that it would also be a reflection of what’s in your closet. Use these colors and styles as your first starting point in refining your decorating preferences.

1. Take a Look in Your Closet

Create a new board on Pinterest and start pinning images you truly love!

2. Source Inspiration Images of Interiors

Look back through what you’ve pinned and delete anything that you don’t really love. Be brutal here. This is not a time for wishy washy. If you only like an element of an image, make sure that’s noted.

3. Analyze the Images

Why Defining Your Style is Important

You’ll be well on your way to creating a cohesive home, and you won’t constantly be purchasing items that you’ll never use, thus saving money (or at least saving a whole lots of returns!) in the long run.