The Best Cool White Paint Colors (2023)


 These popular shades of white are the choice of many interior designers when it comes to getting an ultra-bright look in your home.

White interior paint is a highly reflective color because it reflects most of the light that hits it, rather than absorbing it like darker colors..

A Caveat About White Paint Colors

It has an LRV of 87, it’s very high on the scale of bright whites. Perfect for that bright, crisp, modern look, with only subtle cool undertones, Benjamin Moore Super White is a great option to give older homes a fresh feel.

Benjamin Moore Super White

Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White is a cool white with a drop of gray and just a smidge of yellow to warm it up. The slight gray undertones in this paint color keep it from being too white and bright, while the yellow gives it a bit of softness.

Benjamin Moore Decorator’s White

Benjamin Moore White pulling out any yellows or creams, as it’s cool undertones keep it that bright white you’re looking for. This cool white works wonderfully on walls, trim, cabinets, and ceilings.

Benjamin Moore White

Distant Gray shows no signs of gray, rather, it is very similar to Super White. It will give your space a crisp, clean, look without feeling dingy or too cold. This cool white also creates a fresh look to your exterior for a beautiful great first impression.

Benjamin Moore Distant Gray

Sherwin Williams Natural White is a great option. With an LRV of 83, it’s a slightly softer white than some of its counterparts. Its neutral characteristics make it the perfect choice for trim in your home.

Sherwin Williams Natural White