The Best Kitchen Organization Ideas


 January is a time to purge and revitalize, so let’s get you started with some of the best kitchen organization ideas!

A missing lid is a constant source of annoyance, almost as much as a huge assortment of pots and pans still sitting in the dishwasher because they have no dedicated storage area. Metal racks and dividers that transform your empty cupboard into a functional space.

Provide a Tidy Home for Pots and Pans

Add more accessibility to your cupboards by installing pre-made pull-out shelves. There will be no more struggling to reach that pot that’s stuck in the back of the cabinet.

Install Pull Out Racks

Hang the lids inside your cabinet door smart cabinet door lid organizers. These handy dividers will save you from the agony of hunting for a matching lid for your pot.

Don’t Lose Another Lid

Cutlery trays are not just for your utensils anymore – many now accommodate other important kitchen gadgets and tools so you can find everything in one place.

Organize Those Drawers!

You can also display your measuring spoons on tiny hooks on the back of a cabinet so you can find them easily . Remove the guesswork by labeling them with these decals available on Etsy. 

Bake a Lot?

Food items don’t need to remain in their original containers – transfer them to clear, uniformly-sized jars with tightly-sealed lids for a better fit on your shelves.

See Pantry Ingredients at a Glance