The Best Paint Colors For Bedrooms


These are some of the best color choices to paint your primary bedroom to create a relaxing, calm space that you’ll love retiring to at the end of the day.

If blue walls are not your thing, then maybe a gray or greige paint color would be perfect for your bedroom.

Gray and Greige Bedroom Paint Color Ideas

Picking the right shade of white for your bedroom walls is not as simple as asking for the most popular shade of white at the paint store. 

White and Off-White Bedroom Paint Colors

Color psychology teaches us that the colors which surround us have differing impacts on our behavior and mood. We already have an innate sense of this.

The Best Colors For Sleep

Personally, if I’m picking master bedroom paint colors and I want to make my room as relaxing as possible, I would steer clear of warm colors like yellow and orange and instead focus more on the different shades of blue.

The Best Paint Colors For a Master Bedroom 

In this case, you want to avoid dark colors like moss greens and oranges, which will only draw the walls towards you, making the room appear smaller.

Small Bedroom Paint Ideas

Well, that paint color was far too blue for the cold light my bedroom receives. So the space was repainted with Benjamin Moore Paper White, which is a very pale gray with just a touch of warmth.