Best Paint Colors For Kitchens With Dark Cabinets


Dark kitchen cabinets are a great way to bring drama and moodiness to your kitchen.

Cabinets that are dark gray or navy blue will have a cool undertone. Cabinets that are brown or dark green will have a warmer undertone.

What Color Cabinets Do You Have?

Dark cabinets are a statement, no matter what color they are. Embrace the design statement that this bold colors makes and amp up the contrast with a light paint color, such as white or a very light shade of gray, beige or greige.

Embrace Contrast

Dark cabinets can make a poorly lit space feel even darker. The amount of natural light you have will partially dictate the color you end up choosing for your walls.

Think About Your Natural Light

If you go with all white walls, or a white backsplash, brighten things up with small pops of color through accessories and appliances. It’s a simple color palette that really stands out and makes a big visual impact.

White Paint Colors

If you have dark or medium wood cabinets, try a color palette that brings out the warmth in the wood. Lighter neutrals with a warm undertone emphasize the warmth in the cabinet. 

Warm Neutral Paint Colors

Light cool toned neutral paint colors that would fall into this category are: Benjamin Moore Paper White Benjamin Moore Gray Owl Sherwin Williams Passive

Cool Neutral Paint Colors