The Best Shades of White For Kitchen Cabinets


Learn how to pick the perfect white paint color for kitchen cabinets with this guide to the most popular shades of white.

Understanding the light that comes into your kitchen is probably the single most important factor when deciding on the right shade of white. 

Room Exposure

The colors that you decorate with can also be a great indication of what type of white will work best in your home. 

Factor In The Colors That You Decorate With

If your home is filled with neutrals and creamy tones, a warmer white or even a color verging on cream may suit your tastes better.

Consider The Cabinet Hardware You Want

If you are looking for a bright white paint color with just a smidge of coolness, then Chantilly Lace is an excellent choice.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace

Sherwin Williams Extra White is what I originally had in my kitchen (before we remodeled). It’s another bright white paint color, but it definitely can lean blue or grayish in cooler light.

Sherwin Williams Extra White

Snowbound is becoming an increasingly popular choice and for good reason. It’s a beautiful shade of white with just enough warmth as well as a drop of gray to stop it being too warm.

Sherwin Williams Snowbound