The Best Whole House Interior Paint Colors (2023)


Learn why choosing a whole house paint color can have a dramatic effect on the flow of your home.

If you are painting your home before moving in, you may not quite yet understand how the light affects each individual room in your home. 

Test Lighting Before Choosing a Paint Color

As a general rule, I usually recommend avoiding strong blue and yellow undertones when choosing a whole house paint color. Blue can make spaces feel cold and drab, and while a drop of yellow can be a great way to warm up sterile whites.

Undertones To Avoid

By far the safest colors to choose for a whole house color schemes are neutral paint colors, light earth tones or shades of white. Both neutrals and whites come with their own set of challenges, of course.

Popular Colors For a Whole House

This is my all-time favorite paint color because it just works everywhere! My entire main floor was originally painted Repose Gray, and I’ve since repainted and had the color lightened by 50%.

Sherwin Williams Repose Gray

Agreeable Gray is another incredibly popular greige paint color. It’s similar in tone to Repose Gray, but significantly warmer. I like this color because it can read warmer or cooler depending on the light.

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Similar in terms of depth of color to Repose Gray at half strength, Benjamin Moore’s Paper White is my go-to for east and west facing rooms, where you have warm light half the day and cooler light the other half.

Benjamin Moore Paper White