The Laundry Room Floor


How to install DIY Vinyl Peel & Stick Moroccan Tile. These are a quick and easy way to cover up old ceramic tiles or ugly linoleum floors in one afternoon!

How to Install Vinyl Tile Floor Decals


Ensure that you floor is free of any dirt, lint or grease. Vacuum then scrub it down and allow it to air dry for a few hours.

Before starting to lay down your vinyl sticker floor , take notice of how you want the pattern and grout lines placed. When you are ready to start, you are going to need a straight line to work with.

Pull some of the backing off the floor sticker and place it down, making sure it is straight along the top and sides. Using a credit card (or something similar), rub the decal onto the floor, removing any air bubbles as you go.

Continue pulling the backing paper off, a bit at a time, and using the credit card to smooth it out. If you have an air bubble that won’t budge, just pull the sticker up and smooth it out again. 

Follow this process for all the pieces, being careful to match up the “grout” lines on the floor decals. Keep everything straight the whole way through is really important.