Traditional Irish Stew With Beef & Lamb

This Traditional Irish recipe for beef stew is a simple but delicious dinner time meal for families and frankly the best Irish stew I’ve ever had! 

An authentic Irish stew is traditionally made with beef and lamb (or mutton)

What’s in a Traditional Irish Stew?

The longer you cook the stew and allow the flavors to combine together and the potato to break down, the thicker the stew will be. My mom always made stew with dumplings, so the flour is those also really helps to thicken everything up. 

How To Make Thick Irish Stew

Absolutely! This is in essence a slow cooker (or crock pot!) recipe since it’s important to let it cook for several hours.

Can This Irish Stew Recipe Be Made in The Slow Cooker?

How Do You Make an Irish Stew


Potatoes, Carrots, coins


Beef stock, worcestershire sauce, parsley


Salt, pepper, stewing beef and lamb


Flour, milk , baking powder and butter