The Best Green Paint Colors


The reason these darker shades of green have become so popular is  because of their warmer undertone, they work in so many different situations.

Salamander is the darkest of the greens that I’m featuring today. It’s a perfect compliment to honey oak furniture, trim and doors and adds drama and moodiness wherever it’s painted.

Benjamin Moore Salamander

While Backwoods is still a dark green paint color, it has a fresher appearance to it. It works well alongside Benjamin Moore White Dove to create a wall board and batten wall treatment, but would also be beautiful as a cabinet color or on a full wall.

Benjamin Moore Backwoods

When you think of green paint colors, Sea Salt may not be what immediately springs to mind. It is in fact more of a blue-green, but in many lights it will look decidedly green.

Sherwin Williams Sea Salt

This olive color is so different and looks stunning against the black countertops and dark wood mirrors. It brings a masculine touch to this bathroom that really works.

Benjamin Moore Tate Olive

Definitely a unique choice for a fireplace, but this almost “army green” color is called Olive Grove and it certainly adds the warm green vibes. I love the contrast with the marble surround, don’t you?

Sherwin Williams Olive Grove

How amazing does this green paint look with the brass faucet and hardware? Lots of light makes this paint color really pop, but don’t be afraid to use it in a darker space to add a moody vibe, too.

Benjamin Moore Chimichurri