Turn boring bathroom into a spa-like retreat


If you’re looking to transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, or simply looking to give it a refresh, you’re going to love these top paint colors.

The best paint colors for bathrooms are soft muted shades of green and blue. Why? They are calming, and relaxing, and lend themselves to a nice clean look.

The Best Paint Colors for Bathrooms 2023

If this bathroom is your personal space to relax, take a bath or long shower and unwind at the end of a long work day, then you’ll want to choose colors that help evoke that mood.

How Do You Spend Time in Your Bathroom?

Whether you favor neutrals, greens, grays, or blues, pick a paint color for your bathroom that flows with the rest of your house, energizes the space without being too bold, and yet also creates a sense of calm. 

The Best Bathroom Paint Colors

It’s significantly more green than Sea Salt with a lot less gray. A lot of people are surprised by how bright it looks on their walls, so I would use it sparingly or cool it down with lots of white and marble as pictured above for best results.

Sherwin Williams Rainwashed

It’s a stunning dark and moody color that really pops against a bright white. In my home, it mostly leans into the blue side of things, that is until the sun goes down and it looks dark gray!

Sherwin Williams Serious Gray

If you’re looking for the perfect green-gray to blend with warmer wood tones, then Gray Wisp is a really great choice.

Benjamin Moore Gray Wisp