Hanging beautiful Christmas garland on a mantel without the use of nails is quick and easy to do thanks to Command Strips. Follow this tutorial to learn how to get a stunning look to complement your holiday decor.

fireplace with thick green garland, gold ribbon and tv over the mantel

To achieve the same look as my mantel, you’ll need:

If you choose to only use two pieces of garland you’ll get a sparser look, but one that’s still very pretty. Two pieces alone can be laid right on top of the mantel without the use of command hooks, but if you want to drape them, you’ll still need the hooks.

mantel with garland and stockings hung from it
This mantel has just two garlands but also has ornaments tied on with floral wire. There is one center hook and one on each side to support the weight.

Steps For Hanging The Garland

Start by hanging any bell or ornament garlands on the front face of the fireplace using command hooks. I like to use both the wire toggle hooks and the larger plastic command hooks.

hooking first piece of garland to a wire  hook

Place a command hook on the top center and front center of the mantel. Allow it to stick for a full hour before adding the garlands.

garland wrapped around a 3M hook

Add one large command hook on either end of the mantel, again allowing a full hour before attaching garland.

securing second piece of garland below the first

Attach the end of the first piece of garland to the top center hook, then secure the end of the garland around the large command hook on the end of the mantel. Attach the second piece of garland to the front command hook.

overlapping branches to securely add the third and fourth pieces of garland to the mantel

When adding the next two pieces of garland, stick the ends into the garland that’s already secured.

mantel with one thick side of garland and one thin side

This is two pieces of garland on the left and just one piece on the right side.

mantel with norfolk pine garland and tv above it

This is with two pieces added to each side.

hiding the 3m hook with the norfolk pine garland

Position and maneuver the branches to cover all the command hooks

green floral wire securing two pieces of garland together

Use green floral wire to secure the garlands together otherwise they will eventually sag and fall down.

faux garland hung on the mantel with a ornament garland below

Adding a fifth piece of garland on top in a different type adds color and texture interest. I like to use Norfolk Pine for the main garland and then one piece of cedar on top.

gold ribbon tied in a bow

Make two bows with your favorite ribbon (I like velvet) and attach some green floral wire to the back of the bow.

gold ribbon attached the garland on a fireplace mantel

Attach the bows to the garland and secure.

faux garland with ribbon and lights

Finish with some pretty battery operated lights woven through the garland.

Want to watch me hang the garland on video? I shared a video on Instagram that will show you the process from start to finish!

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