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I’ve scoured the web, bought lots of trees (and returned them!) to find you the very best artificial Christmas trees!

rose gold and green Christmas tree
Balsam Hill Alpine Balsam Fir

While many people prefer real Christmas trees, for those of us who want a long-lasting tree, a fake tree is really the way to go. Plus, they’ve come SO far and look SO realistic now.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees From King of Christmas

Rivaling Balsam Hill, King Of Christmas is another online retailer of some of the best fake Christmas trees. Their trees are really full and a much more affordable price point than Balsam Hill’s.

King of Christmas Noble Fir decorated for Christmas
King of Christmas Noble Fir

I own their Prince Flocked Tree as well as the Royal Fir. The Royal Fir is amazingly thick and full, and only took me 5 minutes to fluff and shape it out of the box (it usually takes me a good hour!).

The Royal Fir (and many of their trees) have different lighting options. This tree has regular warm white twinkly lights as well as a colored lights option.

A Christmas tree with presents underneath, a rocking horse nearby, next to a fireplace
King of Christmas Prince Flocked Tree
Collage of King of Christmas best artificial Christmas trees

King of Christmas tree links: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

They run really great sales and usually offer free shipping, too. I think King of Christmas is the best value for realism, and definitely tops my list as the best faux Christmas tree.

King of Christmas Prince Flocked Tree
King of Christmas Prince Flocked Tree

My tree is $199 during the sale, which after having it for over 4 years, works out cheaper than having to buy a real tree every year!

Their flocked trees are heavily flocked. The flocking does come off a bit during assembly, but even after 4 years it doesn’t look any different than the day I bought it!

On a tighter budget? Either opt for a smaller tree, or invest in some faux greenery and lots of ornaments to fill in the gaps!

Best Artificial Christmas Trees From Balsam Hill

If you don’t want to mess around and don’t mind investing in a Christmas tree that will last forever, then you can’t beat Balsam Hill. I own 2 of their trees and they are probably the most realistic and best quality. However, they are extremely expensive which may be prohibitive for many people.

collage of best balsam hill Christmas trees

Balsam Hill Christmas tree links: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Below is the Stratford Spruce from Balsam Hill. It’s narrow and perfect for a smaller living rooms or if you live in an apartment. I love how the natural shape of the tree and how the brances truly mimic what you see in nature.

Balsam Hill trees are very easy to assemble, and you don’t even have to plug in the lights. Once the center pole is inserted, the lights are connected!

The trees come with a storage bag (so much easier to put away!) as well as gloves to protect your arm while fluffing and shaping the tree.

Balsam Hill Christmas tree decorated with shades of blue and silver
Balsam Hill Stratford Spruce

Best Artificial Trees from Amazon

Don’t discount Amazon when it comes to Christmas trees!

Collage of Amazon best artificial Christmas trees

Amazon Christmas tree links: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Best Artificial Christmas Trees From Wayfair

I bought a few of these artificial trees this year to test the quality and was quite impressed. The price points are great and shipping was pretty quick.

All these trees have amazing reviews, so if you want one, get one while they are still in stock!

Collage of Wayfair best artificial Christmas trees

Walmart Christmas tree links: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

If you’re considering an artificial tree for Christmas 2020, then you won’t go wrong with this list. Spring for the greatest amount of needle tips per your budget and the largest size your room will allow to get the best look.

Best Artificial Christmas Trees From Walmart

Great price points and great reviews. The trees I’ve selected have some of the best reviews but be sure to read them for yourself before making a decision! Luckily, Walmart offers easy returns!

Collage of Walmart best artificial Christmas trees

Walmart Christmas tree links: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Are Pre Lit Christmas Trees Worth it?

It depends. Yes in the sense that the trees are pre-lit and you don’t have to go to the hassle of stringing lights on. However, eventually the tree lights will stop working and you’ll have to remove them.

Saying that, modern trees with LED lights SHOULD last an incredibly long time. My oldest tree is 8 years old and I have yet to replace the lights, but you can get unlucky.

Which is a Better Faux Christmas Tree? Balsam Hill or King of Christmas?

A few years ago I would have hands down said Balsam Hill. However, the King of Christmas artificial trees really match the the quality of Balsam Hill these days and they are much more affordable.

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