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Tired of white kitchens? If your idea of a beautiful kitchen doesn’t include white cabinetry, a white (or stainless steel) sink and the sometimes sterile feeling that can bring to a kitchen, then you’re going to love this post.

Whether you’re drawn to a farmhouse, coastal or modern vibe, today I’m sharing some kitchen mood boards with alternatives to the ubiquitous white cabinets.

Every kitchen design needs a starting point. For these mood boards, I’m designing around the new IKON® 33″ 1-3/4 Low Divide Apron Front Sink in either Concrete Gray or White. I chose this as my starting point because let’s face it, we spend a lot of time at the sink every single day, so a beautiful sink is a must-have.

I also like this sink because of the color options. The sink is a fun and unique way to add some color to your kitchen while still tying in with the overall design and remaining neutral.

The first mood board that I have designed for you features the IKON® 33″ 1-3/4 Low Divide Apron Front Sink in Concrete Gray alongside gray cabinetry, a white backsplash and some pretty coastal blue accessories.

gray kitchen cabinets with gray granite sink and blue accents

IKON®is the world’s first apron front sink made of SILGRANIT®, BLANCO’s patented granite composite material available in eight trending colors.

The new IKON sink’s low divide makes it easier to handle large pots and baking sheets while still dividing the sink into cleaning and prepping bowls.

Now, on to my next design!

If you still love the look of a white sink but not white cabinets, then I think you’re going to love the crisp lines of this sink in white, too…

blue kitchen cabinets with white farmhouse sink

How about some drama? Green and black cabinets have become more popular over the past few years and can look truly stunning in the right home.

Design number 3 is quite breathtaking…

Dark green kitchen cabinets with elegant touches
paint color: Dunn Edwards Forest Green. Kitchen source: Studio McGee

Isn’t this kitchen a cook’s dream? This shade of green alongside the brass, wood and touches of black is so elegant. Another thing that every cook or baker will love is the optional accessories that can be purchased for the IKON® 33″ 1-3/4 Low Divide Apron Front Sink including a floating cutting board that creates another workspace and a floating grid that makes it easier to place a pot into the sink.

A small kitchen with minimal light will have a hard time pulling this dark green color off, but if yours is big and bright, it will truly look amazing.

Did you know..

Since apron front designs are installed further forward and eliminate the countertop, they minimize the need to lean over as much and help to reduce strain.

No matter what the cabinet color, introducing natural elements should be an important consideration in your design. Whether that’s SILGRANIT®, BLANCO’s patented granite composite material, natural stone countertops, hardwood floors or even just plants and wooden accessories, these thoughtful touches will be what brings your design to the next level.

Now, what do you think of those beauties? Not a white cabinet in sight but all three designs are beautiful and timeless.

If you were to design your dream kitchen right now, what cabinet color would you choose and do you think the IKON® 33″ 1-3/4 Low Divide Apron Front Sink would be the star attraction like in these designs?

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  1. MaryAnn Howes says:

    I have just installed light grey cabinets with a dark countertop. Now I need a color for my walls. Small bright kitchen with only one small wall. Can I get a suggestion for a paint color?

  2. Great post! We did a ton of research when we were building our new home a few years ago and after decades of white kitchens, we chose a sage green for our cabinets, with a couple of ivory ones to match our AGA range. Very classic style in England (we’re in Canada). Our builder and his wife were not sold, even tried at one point to talk us out of it, suggesting in time, no one would ever buy our house if we chose to sell later. I’m so glad we went with our hearts and our guts as this has become a trend, though we think it’s more classic! And anyone visiting falls in love immediately with our kitchen. When we sell in time, if we have to, the cabinets can be resprayed, so I’m not too worried about resale at this point. We wanted to enjoy it our way instead of doing it to please someone else. No regrets!


    1. I think there’s something to be said for following your heart and what you want, and not always just worrying about resale value! You may as well love the house you’re in…whether you stay there for the short term or longterm! And like you said, respraying cabinets is not that big of a deal!

  3. I will never be tired of a Classic clean fresh looking white kitchen,never. hardware can be updated, countertops updated, but white will remain a Classic!

    1. I love a white kitchen too and I agree that they are classic! Of course, not everyone feels that way!