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These nursery closet organizers made keeping our baby's room clean and organized super easy

Nursery Closet Organizers

Baby Boy’s nursery is one of my favorite rooms in the house thanks to its size and the amazing light it gets all day long. Despite this, it unfortunately has one major downside – the closet.

The nursery closet is very small and hard to organize when packed with baby clothes

The closet is a standard sized closet and has plenty of space inside it for any kid. However, our house has retrofitted air conditioning that runs through some of our closets. This closet has in fact TWO large metal ducts that inside it that eat up a ton of usable space.

The closet in our nursery needed more storage, so we headed to The Container Store

Luckily, I had the opportunity to work with The Container Store once. Their ELFA designers are amazing at making the most of awkward spaces exactly like this.

If you haven’t designed an ELFA system with The Container Store before let me quickly walk you through how simple the process is. This is was my second closet install and it really is such a breeze (see my husband’s walk-in closet reveal here).

First, you need to measure the space: the width and height of each wall, accounting for baseboard and any obstructions (the a/c ducts in my case). If you can do a little sketch or provide photos for the designers that can be helpful too. Make sure you are precise with your measurements. If in doubt, err on the side of caution and slightly round down. For example, If the width of one of the walls inside my closet was 18.3 inches, I usually just write down 18 inches. I know that I definitely have at least 18 to work with!

These sliding stacked wire baskets are the perfect way to organize a small nursery closet

It’s also important to think about how you plan to use the closet space. Babies and little kids don’t need a ton of hanging space in my experience, so using one section and doing a double or even triple hang gives you lots of hanging space without actually eating into your closet too much.

Saying that, the ELFA system is easily customizable and maneuverable even after installation. Unlike other closet organizers, it hangs solely from the top horizontal track. Only that top track is screwed into the wall, making it very easy to move, add or delete components in the future.

We added stacked sliding drawers to our nursery closet to add more storage
Double hung closet bars are a great way to organize a cluttered nursery closet

For the baby’s closet, I opted for a double hang and then a mixture of drawers and shelves. Like my husband’s closet, I went with the ash facades on the shelves that add a more sophisticated and custom look.

Storing baby clothes is simple with these stacked sliding drawers from The Container Store
Nursery closet organization just got easier with functional drawers and storage

Don’t forget the back of the closet door, too! The ELFA back of the door hanging systems can be configured with different size baskets and even spots to hang smaller items. I first used one of these back-of-the-door systems in my office and I’ve loved it ever since.

Closet door storage was a space saver in our nursery closet

For the nursery, I’m using the door baskets for burp cloths, extra bath essentials, diapers and wipes. It’s such a great spot to hold all those extra supplies!

Organized nursery closet with storage behind the door

I’m so happy with how much storage this awkward closet now has! Even though we have a dresser in the room, right now it’s completely empty because everything fits so perfectly inside the closet! In fact, half the baskets are still empty!

Closer door storage and stacked sliding door storage added much needed space to out cluttered nursery closet

It’s always a great time to get organized with The Container Store. Just head into the store with your measurements or create your dream closet online with their Closet Design Tool.

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