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Are you tired of sifting through messy cabinets to find your baking pans and cookie cutters? Not to mention the flour, sprinkles, and bags of chocolate chips you are bound to have on hand. Organizing your baking supplies doesn’t just save time; it makes the entire baking process more enjoyable.

Food storage containers for kitchen cabinets

I’m sharing my top five ways to organize a baking cabinet to transform your baking center into both a visually appealing and practical spot in your kitchen. Plus, some extra ideas in case you’re looking for the ultimate overhaul. Now, let’s get into it!

1. Install a Pull-Out Cabinet Drawer with Vertical Storage

If a kitchen remodel is on the to-do list anyway, definitely consider adding a pull out kitchen cabinet specifically for baking sheets.

The vertical dividers will help arrange your cookie sheets, muffin tins, and cake pans. This setup ensures easy access and prevents items from getting jumbled together.

Vertical dividers in a kitchen drawers filled with sheet pans, cutting boards, muffins tins, and more.

This was one of my must-haves when we remodeled our kitchen a few years ago. It can also be retrofitted into an existing cabinet – it’s basically just a pull-out box with the cabinet door attached to the front!

2. Utilize Freestanding Baking Sheet Organizers

If a kitchen remodel or even just new cabinets is out of reach, don’t fret! Or, perhaps you have a small kitchen and there just simply isn’t room. You can utilize freestanding baking sheet organizers just the same.

These vertical baking sheet organizers can be placed on a pantry shelf or inside of a larger kitchen cabinet.

Freestanding baking sheet organizers filled with muffin tins, cookie sheets, and more.

These can also hold cutting boards, pizza pans, and casserole dishes in different shapes and sizes. This is the setup I previously had, and it functioned very well!

3. Opt for Adjustable Cookware Racks

Not just for pots and pans, an adjustable rack like this will fit into your most-used spaces and come with customizable dividers, perfect for baking pans, sheet pans, and more!

Adjustable cookware rack in a kitchen cabinet filled with pots and pan lids.
Adjustable Cookware Racks by She Gave it a Go

Be sure and place them in a lower cabinet if you have heavier baking dishes or sturdy pans. You’ll want to put your most-used items up front for easier access!

caraway magnetic pot holder inside cabinet

These magnetic pot holders came with my Caraway Cookware set, but any pot organizer will have the same effect – neat and organized and within easy reach.

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4. Label Bins for Dry Goods

Clear containers or airtight containers are perfect for items like sugar, chocolate chips, flour, and brown sugar. Cabinets are perfect for keeping these items, but organized deep kitchen drawers work equally well.

Clear bins filled with flour, chocolate chips, quinoa, chia seeds, cane sugar, popcorn, and more dry goods with black labels on top.
Labeled Bins by Clutter Keeper

Not only does this look much better than having a thousand products all scattered about, but it makes it so easy to see what you have available and how much you have left.

kitchen drawer filled with baking supplies

I love keeping my kitchen drawers organized with different containers. And because they’re so deep, they actually store a substantial amount of baking ingredients.

5. Create a Spice Rack Drawer

I’d bet you have to go hunting around each time you need to pull out nutmeg, ginger, or any other particular spice when a recipe calls for it. Let me introduce you to a beautifully organized spice rack drawer!

spice rack drawer
Bamboo jars with labels

This is the best way to quickly grab spices as you need them and be able to assess what you have and what you are running low on.

Additional Baking Storage Ideas:

  • Lazy Susan for Smaller Items: A lazy Susan can be a great place for a small box of baking soda, vanilla, food colorings, and more!
  • Label Everything: I can’t stress enough the importance of labeling, especially for dry goods and similar items stored in clear or glass containers.
  • Peg Board with Hooks: You can install a pegboard on the back of cabinet doors or on an empty wall to hang measuring cups, pot holders, and other smaller baking tools. This is a great tip if you are short on storage space.
  • Arrange Supplies on a Rolling Cart: If you have space in your pantry to store a rolling kitchen cart, it can be so fun to have baking supplies tucked away and ready to roll out into the kitchen in a moments notice.
  • Add Drawer Dividers: Drawer dividers are a great way to store measuring cups and other small baking utensils.
A kitchen cabinet with dividers storing silverware, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and more.

Final Thoughts

Baking should be a fun, relaxing experience in the kitchen. However, without your supplies stored away in an efficient manner it can create a lot of chaos.

Give thought to installing a few organizational racks or bring in stand alone options to get those baking sheets beautifully arranged. Then, focus on labeling and storing baking ingredients so you can find them in a flash and avoid a baking nightmare.

A stand alone baking sheet organizer with various baking sheets and muffin tins displayed.

With these tips I hope you feel inspired to start prioritizing your baking storage and improve the functionality of those kitchen cabinets!

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