I am excited to share 12 Creative Gift Wrapping ideas with you today. There are so many beautiful and creative ways to wrap gifts.

Not only will they jazz up your under-tree-decor, they will add a little special touch to the gifts you’re giving friends and family.

Let’s check out the 12 creative ways to wrap your gifts this holiday season. We will even give tips on how to get creative on wrapping gifts for men, children, and larger gifts.

1. Design Your Own Gift Wrap

Designing your own wrapping paper, allows you to create the exact look you are wanting, and creative reign over the paper.

I designed and printed up a bunch of this cute blue truck wrapping paper, using watercolor images that I purchased.

Isn’t it cute?

Creative gift wrapping ideas for this Christmas - download this FREE gift wrap from WifeinProgressBlog.com

I printed the paper up on regular printer paper, knowing that my gifts were small but if you needed more, it’s pretty inexpensive to get printed at Staples.

Nice gift wrap is not cheap so you may as well spend the money and make your own custom version!

Like mine? You can download it for FREE!

Download FREE Blue Truck Gift Wrap

2. Always Add Ribbon!

It doesn’t matter how pretty your wrapping paper is. Your gift always looks better with some added ribbon!

This beautiful sparkly ribbon is from Paper Mart but Home Goods and Michaels have beautiful selections, too.

A rectangular gift wrapped in white wrapping with blue snowflake patterns, and tied with a wide, silver and white ribbon

The gift wrap is another one I designed. It’s full of pretty blue snowflakes.

Download FREE Blue Snowflake Gift Wrap Here.

3. Add Embellishments

Don’t be afraid to add embellishments to your gifts to really add the wow factor.

Think mini bristle brush Christmas trees, bells, wooden snowflakes and even small tree ornaments.

Hot glue them on to the gift and you’re good to go!

Hot glue ornaments to your gifts - this plus other creative gift wrapping ideas at WifeinProgressBlog.com
Hot glue embellishments to your gifts - this plus other creative gift wrapping ideas at WifeinProgressBlog.com

4. Switch out the ribbon

I’m only partially breaking my ribbon rule since I’m still adding the ribbon effect – this time using extra thick and fluffy yarn. This is the same stuff I used for my Snowy Christmas Trees.It’s really soft

and mimics the idea of snow. Wrap it once, twice or several times around your gift!

Use fluffy yarn instead of ribbon on gifts. Genius!

5. It’s OK to cheat!

Have horrible gift wrapping skills? Purchase some of these stunning boxes from Target and skip the paper cuts!

The smallest boxes come with ribbon already attached and you can buy elasticated bows for the larger boxes that stretch right over the gift. Literally no effort involved!

Round, white gift boxes with gold trim and white bow on top, with a gold initial \"B\" attached to the larger box
The bottom of a tree with gold flowers and ornaments, and two rectangular gift boxes with gold trim and white ribbon

Finish with a gift topper such as these metal letters – or even just a regular gift tag – and you’re done!

6. Layering Your Ribbon

It is always fun to add a bit of playfulness to your packages. You can choose multiple types of ribbons and textures to add to your present.

Pair a fun Christmas floral with some colorful yarn for the fun pop of color.

brown present with layered green and red ribbon
Such a creative idea via Petticoat Junction

We just adore how this present is layered with not only ribbon, but lace, and burlap.

7. Faux Flowers

Create something both fun and gorgeous by adding brightly-colored or traditional Christmas colored faux flowers. 

gorgeous brown paper Christmas presents with white and red florals
Simple yet elegant gift wrapping via Green Wedding Shoes

8. Evergreen Sprigs

By simply placing an evergreen sprig on Kraft paper, with a star sticker this gives the appearance of your very own handmade Christmas tree. Such a fun and inexpensive way to spruce up your gift.

brown paper presents with fresh evergreen sprigs made to look like Christmas trees
Find this full tutorial on A Piece of the Rainbow blog.

9. Tassels

This look is super easy to achieve. Find a large roll of white or brown craft paper and some colorful string. Its literally that easy!

white presents with. handmade pink tassels
Whether you make your tassels or purchase them this is a fun way to layer your presents or give them some unique individuality via Gold Mine Journal.

10. Wearable Accents

Why not add part of your present into the wrapping? You can easily add a bangle, necklace, or even earrings to add the perfect amount of bling to your wrapping project.

gorgeous bangle intertwined into the ribbon and wrapping or a present
Such a unique way to add some extra love and bling to your Christmas presents this year via Sarah Hearts.

11. Bottle Brush Trees

Give a gift of decor with your gift, using these adorable bottle brush trees. This is an inexpensive cute way to add some character to your gifts.

colorful bottle brush trees added to gifts with ribbon
Add some colorful fun trees to the top of your gifts via Aww Sam.

12. Buttons

What a fun way to use left over craft or sewing supplies, then to arrange them into words or fun shapes.

fun fruit shaped button Christmas present tags
Use your imagination to create fun gift tags for your presents via Delineate Your Dwelling.

Gift Wrap Ideas When You Don’t Have Paper

Look around and see what you have at your disposal. Newspapers, brown paper bags, old maps, even vintage patterns.

fun house gift wrapping made out of paper bags
Loving this paper bag house via Unify Handmade

Looking to find some creative ways to wrap gifts for the men in your life?

presents wrapped with atlas maps and red ribbons

How unique are these presents wrapped in Atlas maps with red ribbon via All Gifts Considered ?

Gift Wrap Ideas For Kids

We have found some clever, fun, and festive ideas for you to WOW the kids at Christmas.

Kids would love this cardboard box snowman, use multiple presents and boxes to create this fun look.

snowman wrapping presents for kids
Snowman Boxes Wrapping Present via Smart School House

You can add some individuality by using Kraft paper and a white distress marker to give off the chalkboard appearance.

creative way to wrap kids gifts at Christmas chalkboard wrapping paper

Nothing says Christmas like a personalized Santa bag. There are so many fun designs, your child can keep it for years to come.

They are also a great idea when you have hard to wrap sized gifts.

creative way to wrap child present at Christmas personalized Santa sack
Personalized Santa Sack via Show Stopper Supplies

Final Thoughts

Whether you are trying to be creative or make your gift stand out, we hope you enjoyed some of these fun ways to wrap your gifts this year.

From adding a sprinkle of personalization, to using what you have on hand, your friends and family will appreciate the thought and effort you put into their gifts!

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