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Minimalist Christmas decor is all about simplicity and elegance, focusing on a few key elements rather than overwhelming the space.

A living room with minimalistic Christmas decor. One Christmas tree in the corner. Pine branches in a vase on the coffee table. A simple garland hung from the mantel.

Adopting a minimalist approach to decorating doesn’t mean your home will feel cold or that you have to decorate in a Scandinavian style. For me, my minimalist approach to Christmas decorating means intentionally choosing items that will bring me joy, while keeping my home feeling uncluttered.

Keeping that uncluttered look can be more difficult at Christmas when we want to decorate every nook and cranny. But by carefully choosing what we do decorate, our homes will be festive and welcoming but not overwhelmed with unnecessary decor.

One non-negotiable every year is pulling out our wooden advent calendar, the boys love it!

A small tree for Christmas in a woven basket sitting on the floor next to an entryway bench.

Here are some ideas that can bring a festive yet minimalist warm feel to your home. I hope you find the inspiration you are looking for to create a cozy, clutter-free space!

1. Focus on Key Areas

Instead of decorating every nook and cranny, accentuate on a few key areas like the mantel, a centerpiece for the dining table, or a small display on a console table in the living room as the focal point for your minimalist Christmas decorations this year. I love exploring Christmas centerpiece ideas to use as my main focal point each year!

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A Christmas mantel with garland adorning with string lights and gold bells.

Don’t overthink it. Pick your favorite places to spend time in your home and put your energy towards those areas. Especially if you have a smaller space, you want to keep the festive decorations to a minimal if you’re worried about clutter.

2. Simple Fireplace Mantel Decor

If you have a mantel, this is the perfect way to add a little Christmas cheer to your home.

Living room fireplace and mantel with minimal garland and Christmas tree.

I think you will agree that my Christmas tree and mantel look appropriately decorated for the holiday season, right? Cozy, warm and full of pretty twinkling string lights and candles. But the festive look is simple. Faux greenery across the mantel, a string of micro-led lights and a few white pillar candles, and of course the stockings.

This year, I didn’t even add any touches to my built-ins, and left the same lanterns on the hearth that I have year round. I still think it looks Christmassy and it was one less thing to do, and it will be one less thing to un-do after the holidays.

3. Minimal Christmas Tree

By investing in high quality artificial Christmas trees, you can actually get away with a lot less ornaments, too. The same goes for the artificial greenery on the mantel. If you’re going to go the artificial trees route – buy the best you can afford.

It looks thicker and fuller, and will last forever. You could go the route of getting a sparse tree, which naturally requires decorating in a more minimalistic or Scandinavian fashion.

Minimalist, Scandinavian style Christmas tree in a bedroom

Of course, a real tree or live garland looks a lot better AND you don’t have to store it at the end of the season. But since I decorate early every year, trying to get 7+ weeks out of a real garland is a tall order.

Pillar candles on a mantel surround by faux greenery

4. Ditch The Tree Skirt For a Large Basket

This is a simple idea, but so creative! A great way to keep the area around your tree neat, tidy and uncluttered is by using a basket instead of a tree skirt (or collar). This makes cleaning the floor around the tree a total breeze, too.

Artificial Christmas tree in a basket instead of a tree skirt or collar

To find a basket big enough for your tree, simply measure the width of the tree stand and find a basket with the same (or bigger) diameter. Then pop the tree stand in, and you’re good to go!

A Christmas tree in a basket sitting next to a mantel with stockings hung.

If you can’t find a basket big enough, another option is to DIY your own weighted stand that’s small enough to fit into a basket. You can do this by filling a bucket with cement and putting just the bottom portion of your Christmas tree in, and allowing it to dry.

5. DIY Greenery Filled Ornaments

I adore the simplicity and natural look to these greenery filled simple ornaments. Using clear plastic fillable ornament balls, just get some clippings from your yard (or a walk through the woods!) and fill the balls. Top them off with some pretty ribbon or string, and hang up on your Christmas tree.

DIY minimalist Christmas tree ornaments filled with fresh greenery

If you want something else to work with them on your Christmas tree, without sacrificing simplicity, stick to one other color of ornament and perhaps a simple wooden garland. These ornaments would look really great with matte white ornament balls or white ceramic stars.

Close up of minimalist ornament ball with blue spruce clipping

I love placing these greenery filled ornaments in a bowl for kitchen island Christmas decor each year. They are fresh and cheerful, perfect for getting me in the spirit each day as I prepare meals.

6. Fill a Bowl With Ornaments

Popping some pretty ornaments in a bowl along with some evergreens is such an effective centerpiece. It works on a dining table, coffee table, entryway console or even on a kitchen island.

A bowl filled with greenery and ornament balls, with 2 battery operated candle in the middle

Because everything is contained in a bowl, they only take up a small space and it’s incredibly easy to move out of the way if needed. This year, I included some battery-operated candles in mine for a little warmth.

bowl filled with Christmas ornaments, greenery and pinecones

Another wonderful idea is using pine cones in a bowl with some red berries. I’d love to see your own Christmas bowls and what you come up with if you give this idea a try!

7. Decorate With Evergreens

Minimalist decor favors simplicity and beautiful natural greenery clippings are show-stoppers. Cedar, Fir and Spruce are great options. Skip the pine unless you want to be vacuuming up needles constantly.

Large vase filled with spruce branches

I like to spray my fresh greenery with Wilt Pruf to make it last for several weeks. Fairy Christmas lights (on a timer) are always a welcome addition, too!

A close-up view of a living room Christmas centerpiece on a coffee table.

8. Make Your Own Christmas Wreaths

Instead of spending money on a new wreath or expensive wall decor, make your own DIY wreath! Whether you choose an ornament wreath, wire coat hanger wreath, or wooden slice holiday wreath, you will love the homemade touch it brings to your home.

A DIY Christmas wood slice weath hanging on the front door.

You can easily replace wall art with a hanging wreath to avoid adding more to the walls. Simply swap things out for the winter months!

Of course, a wreath is a simple way to decorate the front door and it truly needs no other decorations accompanying it. It speaks volumes alone! Not to mention this is a super budget-friendly way to add decor.

9. Decorate a Winter Window Box

Instead of splurging on bold inflatables for the yard or spending hours hanging lights outside, decorate your home simply with easy to make winter window boxes.

These also look appropriate through January as well, so you get to enjoy this decor even longer!

10. Minimal Seasonal Prints

You don’t have to always use red and green to bring the holiday spirit into your home! These simple seasonal prints in my dining room maintain the minimalistic theme I was going for and by layering them against a console table they add just enough festive cheer without overtaking the space.

Two Christmas art prints resting on a console table in the dining room.

I’m also a fan of displaying them this way so that I don’t have to worry with hanging or taking them off the walls when the festive season is over.

built in bookcase with a framed print of a fir branch

Of course, a simple seasonal print on the wall is stunning and adds a festive touch while maintaining that clean, minimalist feeling.

framed print of a Christmas tree hung on a wall behind an armchair

Christmas bedroom decor doesn’t have to be fussy, either. Adding seasonal prints to your bedroom nightstand or over a dresser is also an easy way to bring in some festive decor.

Final Thoughts

Decorating your home for Christmas shouldn’t require you to spend an arm and a leg, or to sacrifice your usual uncluttered style because you feel pressured to decorate every square inch of your home.

If the excess stresses you out, I give you permission to decorate less this season! Your credit card will thank you. Your sanity will thank you. And when it all has to be packed away after the holidays, you’re going to be thankful, too!

Remember, the key to minimalist decor is not just about having fewer items, but choosing items that are meaningful and add a sense of calm and serenity to your space. It’s about the beauty of simplicity and the joy it can bring.

I hope you found these minimalist Christmas decor ideas helpful and hopefully you have found a sense of freedom (as I have) to do less, and yet enjoy it all more, this Christmas season.

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