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The best Christmas tree ideas, from on-trend colors to tips on how to get a professional look, this is the inspiration you need to make your tree look better in 2023!

Christmas tree decorating ideas 2020

What is the best date to put up a Christmas tree?

This answer varies depending on where you live. Traditionally, in the U.S. most people put their Christmas tree up in the week after Thanksgiving. In the United Kingdom and Ireland, December 8th is the traditional day to put the Christmas tree up.

Conversely, many Americans take their tree down immediately after Christmas (or right after New Year’s), while in Ireland it’s customary to leave it up until January 6th, which is known as “Women’s Christmas”, or to those who celebrate, “The Feast of the Epiphany”.

What are the on trend colors for Christmas 2023?

The traditional colors of red, green and gold are as popular as ever. Non traditional colors such a silver, gray, and white are also popular as they help create the feeling of snow. Jewel tones such navy blues and deep greens will add an elegant look to your Christmas decorations this year.

Christmas tree decorating with dark red and green

How can I make my Christmas tree look better?

  • Fluffing your artificial tree is the easiest way to make it look better
  • If it’s a faux tree, make sure it is properly fluffed, with no visible gaps
  • Select a theme or color scheme to work with
  • Add texture, depth and dimension
  • Use different size ornaments. The really large baubles should be pushed right into the tree, while the smaller ones can sit out further.
  • The ornaments should not all hang on the edge of the branches, but be pushed into the tree too
  • Picks are a great way to add texture and to fill in any gaps.
  • Weave ribbon from side to side or top down
  • Cover the tree base with a blanket or tree skirt. Or put the tree inside a decorative collar or basket for a tidier look.
  • Add a tree skirt or collar. Check out my list of Best Christmas tree collar ideas for inspiration.
Fluffed versus not fluffed Christmas tree
Artificial Christmas tree before and after fluffing

How do you make a Christmas tree look expensive?

The best way to make a Christmas tree look more expensive is to create a sense of depth and dimension through the use of a variety of ornaments. Using large, medium and smaller baubles instantly elevates the look. Larger baubles should be pushed right into the tree, while smaller ones can hang off the branches.

How to make a Christmas tree look expensive
Burgundy and Green Christmas Tree

Weaving ribbon from side to side, or from the top down, and pushing it into the tree, is another way that professionals decorate Christmas trees and make them look really expensive.

Tree Decoration Ideas

There are so many ways you can decorate your Christmas tree. The decorations you choose will depend on the color scheme you want to go with; whether you want to decorate in a traditional style, farmhouse style or take a more modern approach.

Artificial Christmas tree decorated with traditional colors for a more modern 2020 look
Neutral with a Pop of Red

No matter what way you choose to decorate your tree, the traditional Christmas colors of red and green will always be popular. These colors translate well to different styles too, just pick more traditional/farmhouse/modern ornaments to decorate with!

Coordinate tree ornaments with gift wrapping

Don’t just stop with the tree, either. Keep the overall look cohesive by repeating the same colors in your gift wrapping and mantel decor.

Burgundy and dark green tree ornaments are trendy for 2020

Ribbon is another way to take your tree decorating to the next level. Ribbon comes in so many colors and textures: from velvet and silk to burlap and grosgrain, and is an amazing way to add color and texture. Wired ribbon is easiest to work with, but once you get the hang allowing it to naturally fall and then tucking it in, you’ll be a pro at using any variety to achieve an elegant look.

A good idea for Christmas tree decor is to use candle lights
New England Style Christmas Tree Decor

Think the only way to light up your Christmas tree is with twinkly fairy lights? Wrong! Clip-on candle lights like these are a beautiful touch to any tree. In this particular setup, they look traditional, but they would work equally well on a modern-style tree with a more minimal decorating approach.

Different types of lights make for interesting Christmas tree decorations

Flocked Christmas Trees

If you want to impress but you’re not convinced of your tree decorating skills, get a flocked tree.

A flocked Christmas tree is one that is covered in a white powdery mixture, to give the appearance of fresh snow. Even an undecorated flocked Christmas tree looks good, so it will make your job of decorating a whole lot easier.

You can take inspiration from the flocking as a starting point for a snowy theme, and layer in other soft colors. Below, you can see faux fur garland that also creates the effect of snow, paired with soft blush pink peach and gold ornaments.

Flocked Christmas tree with blush pink and gold decorations
Blush Pink and Gold Tree Decor
Matching gift boxes to Christmas colors

This is the same tree again, this time with a red and snowy white theme.

Red and white tree decor ideas
Red and Snowy White Christmas

Other Things To Hang From Your Tree

There are many things you can hang from a Christmas tree besides the standard baubles and ornaments.

Ideas for other things to hang on a Christmas tree

Head to your local craft store and instead of going straight to the holiday aisle, take a look at the faux floral section. Faux roses, poinsettias, evergreen branches and fun picks are some of the items that you can use to decorate your Christmas tree.

Faux flowers are a fun idea for tree decor
Gold and silver roses
Berry picks on a flocked Christmas tree
Glittery red berry picks

Multiple strands of different sized lights can have a beautiful effect. I like a mixture of traditional twinkle lights with the soft glow of larger frosted globe lights.

faux pink roses are a non traditional Christmas ornament ideas
Pink faux roses on a Christmas tree

Birds, critters and other animals that remind us of the season are also another item that can be hung from a tree. These little cardinals fit in perfectly with the snowy covered tree.

A red cardinal perched on the Christmas tree is a unique decoration idea

Do I Have to Decorate the Christmas Tree?

No! Many Christmas trees look really beautiful without any decorations at all. If you choose to put up your tree early, this may be a good compromise. Then you can put ornaments on closer to Christmas. Alternatively, if you want to leave your tree up after Christmas, taking the ornaments off will give you a fresh look without having the put the tree away!

Christmas tree with no decorations on it
Christmas trees don't have to be decorated to look good.

Did you find these Christmas Tree Ideas for 2021 helpful? However you decide to decorate your tree, turn the festive music up, grab a cup of hot chocolate, put a movie on in the background and enjoy the process!

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