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Simple and elegant fall table setting decor idea using the jewel tones found in figs, eucalyptus and miniature pumpkins. Perfect for a dinner party, fall wedding or Thanksgiving centerpiece.

fall table setting with eucalyptus and fresh figs

Every year I try to be creative when it comes to my fall and Thanksgiving table settings. I like them to be creative, but simple to assemble. After all, if I want you to recreate it, it needs to be affordable and attainable for the masses.

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Jewel Tone Tablescape

This year, I was inspired to create this jewel-tone tablescape after purchasing some figs and a bunch of eucalyptus at my local Trader Joe’s. I had not bought either of them for this purpose, but the combination of the deep purple hue of the fig next to the beautiful green of the seeded eucalyptus instantly got me thinking of the perfect centerpiece.

Figs as part of a Thanksgiving centerpiece

Simply by draping the eucalytpus down the center of my dining room table, just like a table runner, and placing figs and mini white pumpkins along the sides, I created a beautiful centerpiece.

Miniature white pumpkins, eucalyptus and figs for the jewel toned tablescape

Table Decor That’s Not Wasteful

I love fall decor that uses natural elements, and a tablescape like this is great because afterwards, you can use the eucalyptus as part of a flower arrangement and eat the figs! Zero waste!

Cut fig and gray cloth napkin

Every table setting looks better with candles, especially in the fall and winter, so I further enhanced the jewel-tone look with amber-colored glass tapered candle holders and flameless candles, that were provided to me by I also chose to use faux flame candles because with 5, 3 and 1 year old boys, real flames are never a good idea!

Fig and jewel toned table setting
Seeded eucalyptus is the perfect table runner for a fall tablescape

The Finishing Touches

I already happened to have the perfect glassware to match, too! Don’t you love when that happens? They are unfortunately not sold anymore, but these plum version or these wine goblets would be a great match, too.

Plum colored glassware and amber glass tapered candle holders
Overview shot of the fall centerpiece with pumpkins, fruit and eucalyptus

I kept the plates and charger simple and white, as I wanted the centerpiece to be the main attraction at the table. For the individual place settings, I added gray cloth napkins and a cut fig to each plate. Finally, rustic looking wood flatware completes the natural look.

Simple fig place setting
Natural fall tablescape idea
Fig and pumpkin Thanksgiving centerpiece or table setting

What do you think of this jewel tone tablescape? I personally love how it came together! If you recreate this, I’d love to see it! Be sure to tag me on Instagram!

jewel tone table setting

Jewel Tone Fall Table Setting

Yield: 1 tablescape
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes

Simple and elegant fall table setting using figs, eucalyptus and miniature pumpkins. This tablescape is perfect for a fall dinner party, fall wedding or even a Thanksgiving centerpiece.


  • 1 bunch seeded eucalyptus
  • 1 bunch non-seeded eucalyptus (any variety)
  • Several fresh figs 
  • 4 - 5 miniature white pumpkins
  • 4 tapered candle holders or votives
  • 4 tapered candles or tea lights


  1. Starting in the center of the table, place 2 stems of eucalyptus in opposite directions, with the stems facing each other and tucked under each other.
  2. Add more stems to each side of the table, until your desired "runner" length is achieved.
  3. Stagger mini pumpkins, alternating sides, along the edges of the eucalyptus. Tuck them slightly into to branches, so that they are not just sitting alone on the table.
  4. Stagger the figs, using the same method, but not directly opposite the pumpkins.
  5. Finally, place the tapered candle holders or votives so that they are evenly spaced along the table, again, alternating the side of the table they are placed on.

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