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Your Thanksgiving table isn’t just a place to eat a delicious home cooked meal and pumpkin pie with your family this holiday season, it’s also the perfect setting to create a gorgeous tablescape for everyone to admire.

A hefty wooden dining table, dark brown, with off-white, upholstered chairs, and a light green pumpkin centerpiece.

This doesn’t have to be a huge endeavor. With just a few simple decorating tips and ideas, you can turn your table into a beautiful, elegant, place to give thanks with your family. These 15 simple Thanksgiving table decor ideas can easily be incorporated this season.

Planning for the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

As with any tablescape, you want to consider a few things in order to pull together a cohesive and functional table for your guest. Start with deciding your overall theme, whether that’s sticking to a specific color palette or certain style, like traditional or modern.

A side view of the dining table with a blue/white runner, pedestal tray with a cake, fall table settings and a light green pumpkin holding flowers.

Then, set the stage with your foundation—tablecloth and placemats. I recommend keeping these components neutral and letting the rest of your table elements do the talking.

For many, the easiest centerpiece to add to your Thanksgiving table is a festive floral arrangement. If you’re not great at putting them together yourself, your local florist is a good place to look for pre-bundled bouquets.

jewel tone table setting

Next, choose your dish ware and flatware. Try not to choose anything too busy, but also make sure they compliment the rest of your table design. I tend to stick to a neutral serving plate and add a pop of color with a pretty salad plate.

Lastly, create a stunning centerpiece using nature-inspired elements, candlesticks, or fresh flowers. Get creative, but remember, less is more!

Overhead view of a Thanksgiving table with red and green floral arrangement and blue plates
Simple Thanksgiving table setting via Womans Day

And don’t forget to make your Thanksgiving day guest feel special. Adding a personalized place card, a simple menu, or even some festive napkin rings can really make a difference.

1. Choosing a Color Scheme

The best place to start when deciding how to decorate your Thanksgiving table is by choosing a color scheme. Ideally, you’d want it to compliment your overall home decor, but you can also have a little fun with it and add a splash of color.

Thanksgiving table setting

For a more sophisticated and clean look, consider neutrals with a touch of gold. You may even bring in a bit of green with a floral centerpiece and other natural elements.

Beautiful neutral white and gold Thanksgiving table with white and gold pumpkins
Neutral color theme for Thanksgiving via A Piece of Rainbow

If you opt for a more traditional Thanksgiving color pallet, choose more warm shades of orange, brown, and yellow. You can balance it out with a few blue napkins or dishware to create a cozy atmosphere, perfect for your family gathering.

Traditional colors for Thanksgiving on a dining table with pumpkins, floral arrangements, copper cups, and delicate plates.
Traditional color theme with a touch of blues via A Piece of Rainbow

Simply put, choose a combination of colors that reflects your personal style and overall home decor for your gathering. Whether you choose a mix of white and gold, neutral color palette, greens, or blue and warm colors, you’re sure to pull together a stunning and inviting Thanksgiving table.

2. Modern & Elegant Pumpkins

It’s not Thanksgiving if you don’t include a pumpkin or two! But we’re not talking bright orange, plastic, jack-o-lantern. When deciding to add pumpkins to your tablescape, be sure to keep it simple and elegant, not tacky.

A narrow view of the dining table, showing the back of a chair and the pumpkin floral centerpiece, along with a golden candlestick

I created a beautiful floral arrangement using a heirloom green pumpkin (DIY directions below) one year that was visually appealing and the talk of the table!

mini pumpkins amongst a runner of eucalyptus

You can find inexpensive mini pumpkins at the craft store and paint them either a neutral color, wrap them in a beautiful printed fabric, or add a pop of color for visual appeal to your centerpiece.

Elegant table decor with eucalyptus branches, white mini pumpkins and neutral plates
Elegant miniature white pumpkins via Life on Summerhill

3. Floral Arrangements and Greenery

Another simple idea to add a little greenery to your table that you might not think of is with eucalyptus branches—this would compliment those little pumpkins perfectly.

I created this pretty pumpkin centerpiece using a green pumpkin, eucalyptus, white roses and some dark red mums that I picked up at Trader Joe’s. A few of you have asked for a tutorial (it’s so easy!) so I’ve included a video below for you.

You can also see the first version I made for my fall kitchen here.

A large, light green pumpkin holding an assortment of white and dark red flowers and sprigs of eucalyptus.

4. Plates and Glassware

Thanksgiving is a special holiday, so bring out the fancy silverware and plates! The glassware and dinner plates you choose can make a big difference to your table.

I picked up new salad plates on clearance at Pier1, along with the white rattan chargers. I love that the plates are all different. The colors tie in perfectly with my centerpiece and can be used throughout the season since they’re not covered in turkeys or anything that seems very specifically “Thanksgiving”.

A close-up of the plate design, showing a bunch of figs on a tree

Depending on your overall table theme, you can either choose to keep your plates and glassware neutral to let the other elements on the table shine, or create a cohesive look with a variety of prints, colors, and textures.

5. Adding Textures and Patterns

Speaking of textures and patterns, one of the simplest ways to do this is the use of linens and tablecloths. Burlap is an excellent option for a more rustic touch, while a crisp white linen tablecloth creates the perfect canvas for an elegant look.

Blue and white intricate detailed plate settings with miniature orange pumpkin and orange and white ribbon
Layering blue patterns and textures in plate setting via The Pioneer Woman

Your plates and charges, like the ones I mentioned above, can also be a great place to start adding in texture. Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, as long as they complement each other.

Layering these different textures and patterns helps give your table depth that creates a cozy and inviting space for your visitors.

A close-up of the blue and white table runner, golden candlestick, blue and gold patterned stemware and fall-themed plates

6. Incorporating Candles

Create a warm and cozy ambiance to your Thanksgiving table but adding a few candles. Especially if you’re serving Thanksgiving dinner, incorporating these into your decor will really set the stage for your gathering.

A different view of the dining table, showing the gold utensils resting on light blue cloth napkins, near brown glasses and gold candlesticks

Choose candles of various heights and sizes to create a little visual interest. Looks for pillar candles, votives, or even taper candles for a more traditional look.

Place a few tall candlesticks amongst some greenery garland for a simple, yet elegant table.

7. Harvest Centerpiece

You don’t need to recreate an entire cornucopia when creating a harvest centerpiece. By just incorporating a few seasonal colors with a variety of gourds, apples, fall leaves, pears, and branches.

Thanksgiving table decor with orange and white color scheme and tons of matching produce
Simple harvest centerpiece using similar orange colors via Today

I love this non-traditional Thanksgiving color scheme that also works well for the winter season, too. The mixture of artichokes and greenery pair so well with the plum and wine colors of the eggplants, beets and candlesticks.

tablescape with figs and eucalyptus

Sometimes you need to think outside the box to create some really beautiful visuals.

Stunning green and wine colored Thanksgiving table with produce and candlesticks
Green and wine color harvest centerpiece via Real Simple

8. Napkins and Utensils

Napkins are a super simple way to not only bring a little texture and pattern to your holiday table, but they can add a bit of elegance depending on how you fold them. The pretty blue napkins are from Serena & Lily and have the cutest little detailing on the side.

A top view of the dining table, showing the tips of the floral centerpiece, and the place settings, including the gold utensils

Double on on your napkin decorations by creating a silverware pocket sleeve fold, or a simple fall leaf shape by adding a decorative napkin ring. There are tons of great folding techniques that can really add a personal touch to your dining room table.

Rust orange colored cloth napkin formed into a leaf with napkin ring
Napkin folding via HGTV

While this technically doesn’t count as “decor”, the way you arrange your utensils on the table can make a big difference to the overall look. If you’re setting up a traditional Thanksgiving table, opt for the traditional place setting technique.

Traditional place setting diagram
Traditional place setting diagram via Serena & Lily

And for such a special gathering, I would recommend bringing out the cloth napkins. This will really add a classy element to your feast.

9. Place Cards

Make your dinner guest feel extra special by taking the time to create a special place card just for them. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Just a simple folded card with their name will do.

Simple name place card with a sprig of rosemary
Simple place card for Thanksgiving table via Womans Day

You can get creative by using fruit, pine cones, or even those mini pumpkins. If you don’t want to assign seats, simply tie a card that says “Happy Thanksgiving” or other simple sentiment onto these objects.

A fun way to build on the idea of gratitude for the holiday, is creating a place card that doubles as a Thanksgiving activity. Write the name of each guest on the top line and leave the rest blank for them to fill out what they are thankful for, then during dinner, go around and have everyone read their answer.

Neutral and modern place card with Thankful For written on it and room to write on
Thankful place card via The Pioneer Woman

10. Making Use of Natural Elements

Utilizing natural elements into your Thanksgiving table decor is not only budget-friendly, but adds a touch of warmth and style to your holiday gathering.

Natural elements like pinecones, leaves, and gourds as a centerpiece
Incorporating natural elements for a centerpiece via Today

I touched a bit on these types of elements when talking about the harvest centerpiece, but you can take this in so many other directions.

Add a sprig of rosemary or thyme into a beautiful folded napkin on top of each place setting, or sprinkle in some acorns and pinecones to fill in the empty spaces within your table decor.

Simple sprig of thyme on a napkin
Sprig of thyme on napkin via Jane at Home

Instead of flowers, opt for some simple branches mixed in with some light greenery in a vase.

Then add some color by using fruits and vegetables as part of your table decor. Apples, pears, and small pumpkins, as mentioned before, all bring beautiful color and texture to your table.

11. Touch of Gold or Copper

There’s something about adding just a little bit of gold to my Thanksgiving table that I can’t resist.

This gold flatware is vintage (if you’re in the market for new flatware, I love these gold ones) and really pops when placed amongst the blues and greens in my table.

A close-up, top view of the place settings with 1 decorated plate (diagram of figs), one plain white plate and a charger, near a blue napkin with gold utensils

Unless you’re choosing to do a gold and neutral themed table, I would stick to a small amount of gold or copper. The mixture of metalics and natural elements always creates a stunning look.

Beautiful neutral Thanksgiving table with touches of copper
A touch of copper on a Thanksgiving table via Jane at Home

Besides flatware, incorporate touches of gold through some votive candles holders, a few gold spray-painted branches or leaves mixed in with your flowers, or plates that have a gold trim to them.

12. Charcuterie Platter

This is such a fun and multi-purpose way to create a stunning Thanksgiving table! Whether you make your own or buy one, placing a charcuterie platter in the middle of your Thanksgiving dinner table as a centerpiece will really impress your guest.

Thanksgiving charcuterie board on table
Charcuterie board as centerpiece via Jane at Home

Presentation is key, so choose a beautiful serving board or tray, and get creative with your arrangement. Incorporating elements like figs, fresh herbs, and olives will help bring it all together.

Elegant charcuterie board centerpiece with eucalyptus leaves and glass pumpkins around it
Elegant charcuterie board centerpiece via Fashionable Hostess

Don’t forget to include cheese knives and small tongs for easy access. These small details will ensure your charcuterie platter not only looks great but is also easy to enjoy.

13. Kraft Paper Table Runner

A simple, and budget-friendly, way to add texture and interest to your table is with a kraft paper table runner. You can pick up a roll at your local craft store, measure your table, and cut accordingly.

Kraft paper table runner with guests' names written in white marker
Kraft paper with guests’ name via Womans Day

The versatility of using kraft paper makes it so fun to work with as an easy table runner. You can customize it by adding some elegant calligraphy, use it to write your guests names on it, or simple use it as a base to build your centerpiece over.

Place long layers of eucalyptus branches on top along with candlesticks and a few small gourds or pumpkins for a simple yet elegant look.

Elegant use of kraft paper as a table runner for Thanksgiving dinner
Elegant use of Kraft paper via Debi Lilly

The best part about using a Kraft paper table runner is the clean up!

14. Wheat Bundles

Wheat, being a symbol of abundance and harvest, perfectly compliments the spirit of Thanksgiving. You can find bundles of wheat stems at your local craft store or online.

Simply tie them together with raffia, wine, or a decorative ribbon and stand the wheat bundle on your table for a creative vertical centerpiece.

Wheat bundle in clay vase on Thanksgiving table
Wheat bundles in a clay pot via Camille Styles

Alternatively, lay the bundle down on a decorative wooden board, add some seasonal fruits, nuts, and greenery for a more bountiful look, or add it to a simple ceramic vase.

Keep it simple if you decide to use wheat bundles, as the natural beauty will lend itself to the warmth and elegance of your gathering.

15. Kids Table

If you’re setting up a separate kids table, be sure to make it extra special for them, as well.

Kids Thanksgiving table with colored pencils, straws, and cork turkeys
Fun Thanksgiving kids table via Real Simple

This would be a great place to also use your kraft paper as the table cloth and include some writing utensils so they can keep occupied and creative during dinner.

Personalize each child’s place card with a fun Thanksgiving theme and include some fun, interactive activies, like printable themed madlibs, or gratitude cards.

Printable gratitude cards to fill out on kids Thanksgiving table
Printable gratitude cards for the kid’s table via Momtastic

Remember to use kid-friendly dishes and utensils to make it easier and safer for the little ones to enjoy their dinner.

Final Thoughts

I hope all of these simple Thanksgiving table decorations gave you some inspiration to create a beautiful setting for the fall season. So while you’re working on your Thanksgiving menu, don’t forever to dress up your dining table to make it an extra special day with your family members. 


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