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These gorgeous, custom and DIY-ed coffee bar ideas for the kitchen, are sure to add some character to your space.

They are a fun way to elevate your morning coffee routine, and create a fun and cozy space to start or end your day.

Not only will an at home coffee station add convenience to your morning brewing routine, but it can also become a focal point in your kitchen.

Tips for Setting Up a Coffee Bar

Select the Right Location

Even if you don’t have much room in your kitchen, a simple countertop corner can create the perfect location to set up coffee station. You can also use existing cabinetry, an open wall space near your kitchen with a console table or bar cart, or if your budget allows, create a custom nook. No matter where you decide to add your coffee station, remember to keep the area close to an outlet for your coffee maker.

Organization is Key

Your morning routine is already busy enough, so making sure your coffee area is organized can make a huge difference for getting your day started smoothly. Be sure to make the most of your space by keeping everything neat and orderly.

Tons of storage and organized coffee accessories in cabinet drawers
Coffee bar organization via Heather Bullard

Incorporate Storage

One way to keep your coffee station organized is by adding different storage solutions like baskets, containers, and drawers. Keep your coffee grounds in a pretty canister, or your pods in a basket. Utilize drawers if you have them and neatly organize napkins, spoons, and other small accessories. This will help ensure your coffee bar remains visually pleasing!

Color Scheme and Theme

For a more cohesive look, select colors and decor that match your existing kitchen and surrounding area. I would recommend keeping it as simple and neutral as possible, and add a personal touch through a small piece of artwork, a pop of color from your mugs, or a fun backsplash in your coffee nook.

Beautiful modern coffee bar nook with light blue cabinet and wood shelves
Cohesive design for coffee bar that ties in with the whole house via Erin Sander Design

DIY Coffee Bar Ideas

If a custom coffee nook isn’t in your budget, no problem! Easily create the perfect brewing station by repurposing furniture you may already have, like a console or buffet table. As mentioned before, even carving out a small corner on your kitchen counter works perfectly. Just add a tray, some small storage containers, and you have a fun spot to serve up your morning cup of joe.

Coffee Bar Decor Ideas

I would recommend keeping the decor simple since you don’t want to clutter the space. If you’re going to choose a piece of art work to display, choose one or two smaller framed pieces that compliment your home decor.

Coffee station on wooden kitchen counter with two floating shelves with accessories
Simple artwork and decor for coffee station via Jean Stoffer Design

You can certainly add character and your personal touch to your coffee bar based on the coffee mugs you choose. With so many colors, sizes, and even texture, your mugs can be the main star of your brewing station.

Even the baskets and canisters you choose work as “decor”, so consider all of these items when working towards a cohesive look.

Coffee bar area with floating shelf and simple decor in a white kitchen
Coffee bar with floating shelves and simple decor via DecorPad

If your coffee station is close to the kitchen, tie it all together by adding a few cookbooks (maybe even coffee related), and a few other useable accessories like cutting boards and bowls.

Types of Coffee Stations

1. Counter Nook

You don’t need a lot of space to create the perfect spot for your morning brew. Clear off a small corner on your kitchen counter for a simple solution.

2. Bar Cart

Not just for adult beverages, reuse a bar cart to store your coffee essentials, or combine the two for easy access to make my favorite Irish Coffee!

Bright room with a simple gold bar cart as a coffee station
Stylish and simple bar cart via Life with Mar

3. Side Table/Buffet

Another easy transformation for your coffee station that you probably already have!

4. Wooden Shelves

If space is an issue, use of that vertical space on a blank wall by adding some floating shelves to house your mugs and accessories.

A simple coffee bar in the kitchen with extra storage using floating shelves
Simple coffee bar with wooden shelves for extra storage via Fireclay Tile

5. Old Dresser/Old Furniture Piece

Upcycle furniture you already have or search for a good deal at a thrift store or garage sale. A little paint will go a long way.

6. Built-in Kitchen Cabinet

Whether you create a custom built-in coffee station cabinet or use a cabinet that isn’t getting much use, this is the perfect space for your coffee bar.

7. Appliance Garage

Move the toaster to a new location and turn your appliance garage into a cute little coffee bar instead!

Appliance garage turned into a coffee station
Appliance garage turned coffee station via Decorpad

8. Built-in Bar

Whether your home already has the perfect kitchen nook, or you build a custom one, a built-in bar is a stylish way to showcase your favorite morning drink.

9. Bar Cabinet

You can pick one up rather inexpensive, or repurpose your wine cabinet into a coffee station.

Coffee bar cabinet stocked with all essentials to make coffee
Coffee Bar Cabinet via Eye Swoon

Where to Put a Coffee Station or Coffee Bar

  • Kitchen: The most popular and convenient location to put your coffee station is in the kitchen so that your morning breakfast routine flows smoothly. Consider using a corner of your countertop, appliance garage, cabinet, or open shelving.
  • Home Office: For those that work from home, having your coffee in the same room can help you stay caffeinated all day! This would be a great place to have a bar cart, old furniture piece, or a bar cabinet.
  • Dining Room/Living Room: If you like to entertain, the dining room or living room is the perfect place for a coffee station. It provides a convenient location to offer your guest an espresso or tea after their meal. The use of a buffet table or bar cart would work nicely here.
Small coffee station on kitchen counter
Kitchen countertop coffee station for small spaces via Stylin by Aylin

Essentials For a Well Stocked Coffee Bar

  • Appliances: Coffee machine, french press, espresso machine, Keurig, coffee bean grinder
  • Coffee mugs
  • Coffee pot
  • Coffee: grounds, beans, pods
  • Cream and sugar
  • Tray
  • Stirrers/spoons
  • Syrup bottles
  • Canisters
  • Bowls (for sugar)
  • Baskets
  • Napkins
  • Cinnamon
  • Biscotti (options, but YUM!)

Final Thoughts

By adding a coffee station to your home, you’re not only creating a stylish focal point to your room, but a convenient way to enjoy your morning cup of coffee—perfect for any coffee lover. 

No matter your space or budget, you can easily incorporate these ideas into your home.

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