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Are you tired of your outdated countertops but don’t have the budget for an upgrade? These affordable DIY countertop ideas are a low-cost alternative to buying new countertops. And they’re gorgeous to look at!

A collage graphic of the best diy countertop ideas

If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room but find yourself cringing at the high cost of new countertops, worry not! There are budget-friendly ways to revamp your space without breaking the bank.

When we updated our previous laundry room, our DIY wood countertops instantly transformed the space, with not a lot of effort and a small budget. So, if you’re not a fan of your current countertops and you’re looking to save some cash, go ahead and give these budget-friendly DIY kitchen countertop ideas solutions a shot. You won’t be disappointed!

If budget isn’t as much an issue, be sure and read about white quartz countertops pros and cons. They might be just what you are looking for!

1. Stain Your Own Countertops

Love the look of butcher block countertops but not the price tag? Then DIY your own!

dark wood countertop with a vase of white tulips and a canister of wool dryer balls

We built our laundry room countertop in an afternoon, and stained and sealed it over the next few afternoons. And it still looks brand new a year later!

This is a perfect novice project because you really can’t mess it up. You can stain the wood counters any color that fits your style and as long as it has a few coats of polyurethane, it will stand up to any spill!

2. How to Build and Protect Wooden Countertops

Another clever tutorial for wood countertops with tips on how to maintain them.

butcher block bathroom countertop
Wooden Countertops via Houseful of Handmade

3. DIY Concrete Countertop

Poured concrete countertops are very trendy these days and add a cool industrial feel to a kitchen, bathroom or laundry room. This is one project where I recommend paying careful attention to not only the tutorial but reading any comments left by others that have tried it out.

DIY concrete countertop in bathroom with glass sinks
DIY Concrete Countertop via H20 Bungalow

Learn how to make your own in only a few days with this tutorial.

4. Painted Laminate Countertop

If you’re on the fence about replacing your existing countertops, try painting them first. When done right and properly sealed, it looks really great and can be a great interim solution.

DIY painted laminate countertop with a stack of books
Painted Laminate Countertops via Postcards from the Ridge

5. Paint Laminate to Look like Granite

This is another great tutorial for those countertops with laminate material. Learn how to achieve a granite look on old laminate countertops using paint!

laminated countertop painted to look like black granite
Paint Laminate to Look like Granite via Blue I Style

6. Reface Countertops with Contact Paper

How amazing is this before and after? Using contact paper you can easily, quickly and very cheaply achieve the look of granite or marble for a whole new look!

blue countertop with granite look contact paper being adhered on top
Reface Countertops with Contact Paper via The Handymans Daughters

I did this years ago in our first home and couldn’t believe how well it looked. Make sure the edges are tight against the corners so that water can’t seep up under and you’ll be surprised how long this actually lasts.

7. Make Countertops Look Like Stone

Soapstone is a beautiful natural stone but the price (and maintenance!) can be off-putting. This tutorial will show you how to achieve the look in a budget-friendly way.

DIY soapstone countertop
Make Laminate Countertops Look like Stone via Rain on a Tin Roof

8. Upholstered Countertops

Looking for a very different alternative to your regular old countertops? How about this upholstered countertop look? This would be a nice soft look in an office or dining room – somewhere where water won’t come into contact with the front edge or any corners.

DIY countertop that looks like beige upholstery with picture frames sitting on top
Upholstered Countertops via Rain on a Tin Roof

9. DIY Granite Countertops

Learn the proper technique to achieve DIY granite countertops on your kitchen countertop or kitchen island.

DIY granite kitchen countertop
DIY Granite Countertops via The Honeycomb Home

10. Faux Carrara Marble Countertops

Want marble countertops but it’s just completely out of the budget? Or maybe you’re not sure the all-white look is for you. Try this technique for the look of marble first and see how it looks!

Person drawing veining on a DIY faux carrara marble countertop
Painting Kitchen Countertops via In My Own Style

11. Painting Laminate Countertops with Chalkboard Paint

Chalkboard paint is both affordable and unique. If you’re up for something different, and have the perfect spot for it, try this easy step-by-step. If yours look anything like Ashley’s did, you’ll be in love with this great option!

DIY chalkboard painted black countertop
Painting Laminate Countertops via Wildfire Interiors

12. Make a Faux Wood Countertop with Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Who would of thought we’d be using peel and stick wallpaper on our countertops? Most hardware stores will have a selection of wallpaper that is either faux wood or of similar texture that would look suitable.

Countertop with peel and stick wood effect wallpaper
Faux Wood Countertop with Peel and Stick Removable Wall via Stow and Tell U

This is a very easy way to achieve new countertops. Surprisingly, you can get a high-end look for practically nothing by going this route! Just be sure and check for air bubbles and ensure a tight fit around the edges to avoid water damage.

13. Tiled Countertop DIY (No Saw Required!)

All you need is a little elbow grease and determination! Recreate this look by mounting a cement backer board to a wooden board the size of your countertop. Then, adhere subway tiles (or granite tiles!) and tile grout to the backer board and mount the entire tiled board on your existing countertop with screws. 

White DIY tiled countertop in a kitchen
Tiled Countertop DIY via A Beautiful Mess

14. How to Torch Wood | DIY Torched Wood Countertop

Try your hand at torched wooden countertops for a rustic charm appeal. All you really need are some wooden boards and a torch for these easy kitchen counters.

DIY torched wood countertop in a kitchen bar area
How to Torch Wood via Pine + Poplar

15. Make a Laundry Room Countertop from an Old Door

This one is the perfect solution for your laundry room, office, or mud room countertops! You won’t need a lot of money or a high DIY skill level to achieve this fun and modern spin on countertops.

Laundry room countertop made from an old door
Make a Laundry Room Counter from an Old Door via The DIY Mommy

Wow! So many amazing budget-friendly ideas for DIY countertops in your home. The best part? None of these require a ton of materials and you can easily pop into your local hardware store or Home Depot for what you need. Nothing fancy or confusing here!

Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room, I think you’ll find some great ideas to help you achieve the look you’re after, AND stay on budget!

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  1. Such lovely ideas! Appreciate your efforts for collecting and sharing this information and visuals with us!

  2. Ambreen Sajjad says:

    The idea of installing wood countertops is quite amazing because I think it looks more durable, expensive and may increase the resale value of your home. But today I have seen many homeowners also use laminate countertops because they are less expensive than wooden countertops and look more attractive as well. Once I chose marble countertops but as soon as I discovered that it can scratch easily and more vulnerable to etching and staining. But in case of wooden countertops, you can clean them and they will look all shiny just like before.