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I say it all the time – big changes can be made on a small budget.

Take our garage doors. They are the very plain and boring type. No character, boring color and just general blah-ness. 

Plain garage doors before makeover

But this recent DIY makeover that took me 15 minutes and about $50 and has completely transformed the look of our doors and our entire curb appeal.

easy garage door makeover with magnetic hardware
Garage door before (plain) and after (with decorative decals)

You would never think they’re even the same doors, right?!

A close-up of one of the decals that looks like a metal fastener

The most amazing part is that these are plastic hardware with magnets on the back. You take them out of the box and attach them right to the doors. The magnets are pretty strong and as long as they are positioned correctly (not too close to the edges or where the doors bend apart when closing) they won’t budge.

A close-up of one of the decals that looks like a metal fastener
The upgraded garage doors with black vinyl decals for windows and plastic hardware attached with magnets

The “windows” are also magnetic but just little vinyl squares that you attach to make a grid. Up close you can definitely tell that they’re not really windows but even from just a few feet back they look realistic.

Close-up of four black vinyl rectangles grouped to resemble window panes
A double garage with the new vinyl decals (representing windows) and plastic hardware

I’ve never spent much time prior to this staring at our garage doors. Now I’m just so in love with them! Mind you, all this staring and oohing and ahhing has made me notice just how badly our house needs to be painted  ????

A double garage with black vinyl decals (representing windows) and plastic hardware

I used two different kits to get this look:

I ordered them and received them the very next day with Prime shipping on Amazon!

If you end up doing this project, I’d love to see the before and after! Just tag me on Instagram @jennakateathome and I’ll share on my stories!

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  1. Omg that looks so good!.. thanks for sharing that!

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  3. What a great transformation!! They look awesome!