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These clever tips, solutions and hacks will transform your garage from a dumping zone to a functional, organized space with lots of storage.

the best garage organization ideas

I’ve been on a cleaning binge lately! After writing my post about Daily Habits For Keeping a Clean House, I knew I should also share my tips for how we keep out garage look neat and tidy.

The garage is often a dumping ground for whatever doesn’t fit into the house. If your garage needs a serious overhaul, set aside time to put it right with these genius organization ideas.

It requires a little bit of work and money upfront, but the freedom of actually being able to find what you need and being able to pull your car into the garage is so worth it!

Add Shelves

Utilize as much vertical storage space as possible. This gets items off the floor where you need the extra space. For example, toys, bikes, strollers. Mount shelves and add bins for toys, etc.

A storage wall like the one pictured below is ideal for large bins of holiday decorations, toys and sports equipment.

Garage storage shelves

Logically Group Similar Items Together

Keep landscaping tools like rakes and shovels in one spot, toys in another, as well as seasonal decorations. Likewise, power tools, screws and hammers should be grouped together to make finding things as easy as possible.

Use a Track System

A track system allows for multiple hooks, shelves and other components. The bonus of using a track system is that you can maneuver the components as your needs change.

Garage track system for organization

A storage system like this allows for many different items to get stored on your garage walls.

Use Heavy Duty Hooks For Big Items Like Strollers

Hooks for hanging strollers in garage

Don’t let those huge strollers take up all your floor space! When they’re not in the back of your car, fold them up and hang them on heavy duty hooks.

Hang a Peg Rail

Don’t want to invest in a track system or need a simpler solution for another wall? A peg rail is perfect for hanging brooms, mops, dustpans and even dog leashes!

Use Metal Shelving Units

Metal shelving units are perfect for storing paint cans an other larger items. Use baskets to corral excess supplies of paper towel, toilet papers, water, etc.

Metal shelving unit in garage with plastic bins and paper towels

Use Pegboards

If you have tools in your garage, pegboard is always a great solution. No matter the size of your garage, pegboard will fit. Use a variety of hooks and baskets to hold tools and paint supplies.

garage pegboard display with tools
DIY Garage Pegboard Display via The Creativity Exchange

Create a Workstation or Workbench

A little garage workstation is the perfect spot to fix broken items, get project supplies together and so on. If space doesn’t permit for a full workbench, opt for one that folds down flat against the wall.

organized garage workbench
Garage Storage Ideas via Blue I Style

Use Clear Bins to Easily See Items

These are perfect for seasonal decorations. We store all our Christmas decor in our garage. Each bin is filled with similarly colored items (all red, all green, all silver, etc.) so when I start decorating for the holidays, it’s easy for me to just grab the colors I’m decorating with that year.

Clear tote bins in garage full of christmas decorations

Label Tote Bins

if you have items you don’t want on display in clear bins, make sure they are clearly labelled. Even with clear bins, it’s also a good idea to label them if they are higher up so that you don’t have to pull them down to remember what’s in them!

Organized tote bins with labels
Garage Organization via A Bowl Full of Lemons

Corral The Hose and Extension Cords on a Reel

Hose and extension cords corralled on a reel in the garage

Hang Bikes Up

bikes take up valuable floor space. Install a bike rack on the wall or the ceiling, to get them up off the floor.

Bikes hanging from ceiling in garage
Hanging Bikes in The Garage via Dream Green DIY

Hang Up Ladders

again, keep the valuable floor space for items that have to be on the floor. Simple hooks mounted to the wall will happily hang a ladder.

Create Drop Zones For Shoes, Back Packs and Sports Gear

garage mudroom and dropzone for backpacks, shoes and sports equipment
IKEA Mudroom Hack via Jessica Welling Interiors

Hang Buckets and Totes On The Wall

These are the perfect spot for car washing supplies, bungee cords, balls and other outdoor toys. Melissa from Polished Habitat even has a special hook that she uses to quickly and easily attach them.

Car cleaning supplies in bucket hanging from garage wall
Quick Garage Organization Ideas via Polished Habitat

A Place For Everything…

My husband’s golf bag was also falling over and being left right in the middle of our garage floor until we added this golf bag storage to our track system. No matter what the item, find a designated spot for it!

Golf bag hung up on garage track system

Utilize The “Fifth Wall”

Short on wall space? Look no further than up for additional storage space! A garage ceiling rack can do wonders to get infrequently used items off the ground.

Garage ceiling storage
Garage Makeover via Philip or Flop

Using all or a combination of these organization ideas will not only free up garage space but make the space so much more functional and easier to find what you need.

At the end of the day, once you take charge of the clutter, it will only make your life easier!

More Organization Ideas

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