Are you obsessed with all the blue home decor that’s currently in stores? I certainly am. For the first time ever I’ve been ahead of the trend since I’ve always loved decorating with blue. And even when it’s no longer trendy, I will still be decorating with it. Blue is my color, always has been!

Anyway, once of my favorite pieces that I’ve recently spotted is this collection of blue Ikat prints from Pottery Barn:

A group of six framed art pieces, featuring 6 different blue fabric patterns, above a side table with various books and decor

Along with this beautiful watercolor print:

A close-up of framed art, created with blue brush strokes in a circular pattern

As stunning as they are, I’m not paying hundreds for  either of them. So instead, I decided to create something myself that has a similar look – here’s my DIY wall art tutorial:

Practicing blue brush strokes on different pieces of paper on a tiled floor

Using the different shades of blue in the PB art as inspiration, I grabbed my paints, some chunky paintbrushes (that may or may not belong to my toddler!) and some watercolor paper and got a little creative. Some brushstrokes here, some brushstrokes there….and I was done.

Three samples of different brush strokes (various blue shades) on white paper

Then all I had to do was cut each piece to size and frame it.

A light brown frame with art featuring streaks of various shades of blue, near a silver lamp and vase of white flowers

Easy DIY Wall Art: Brushstroke wall art

Easy DIY Wall Art, Paint swatch art

You can see how different colored frames create different looks – modern, beachy or dramatic. 

Easy DIY Wall Art in a gold frame

Don’t the blues and greens look so pretty paired with the gold frame, too? 

Easy DIY Wall Art, simple DIY artwork

I made all of these in about 15 minutes using supplies and frames that I already owned. Free art is the best!

Easy DIY Wall Art framed

I’m digging the blues with a pop of green. You should incorporate whatever colors work with your decor – whether that means adding some gray, beiges, pinks, red or whatever your heart desires! Get creative!

Easy DIY Wall Art

Hang your new artwork on a wall or add them to a style shelf or mantel.

Easy DIY Wall Art | DIY artwork

Is this a project you’re going to do? You’ve got nothing to lose – if you can swipe a paintbrush left to right you’ll be able to create your own beautiful DIY wall art!



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