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Greige has become an increasingly popular choice for kitchen cabinets, and rightly so. It marries the comfort of gray that’s so easy to decorate with, but adds a modern touch with a warm beige undertone. If white cabinets are boring but you’re looking for a classic color that won’t fail you, then greige is the perfect choice!

I’ve gathered 15 of the most popular greige paint colors for kitchen cabinets to help inspire you and hopefully narrow down your decision.

1. Benjamin Moore Natural Cream

Benjamin Moore Natural Cream is a beautiful neutral color choice for kitchen cabinets. Like most greige paint colors, it pairs well with both cool and warm tones but looks especially good with brass hardware.

kitchen with cabinets painted benjamin moore natural cream. The upper cabinets are extra tall.
Benjamin Moore Natural Cream cabinets via EMMA COURTNEY HOME

Even though this is a small footprint for a kitchen, the light, warm color paired with tall cabinets makes it feel more spacious and open than it is.

2. Sherwin Williams Realist Beige

I love how Blushing Boho Interior Design brought so much warmth to this kitchen with the brass hardware and light fixtures.

kitchen with cabinets painted Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige and a small island painted SW Realist Beige. There's brass lanterns over the island.
Island is Sherwin Williams Utterly Beige, perimeter cabinets are Sherwin Williams Realist Beige
via Blushing Boho Interior Design

The textured tile and warm wood tones of the shelves are the perfect complement to the greige cabinets.

3. Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Revere Pewter has recently gained popularity as a kitchen cabinet color. It has lots of warm undertones with a slight green hue.

Revere Pewter Cabinets with dark hardware. Light colors walls and tile with a navy blue island
Revere Pewter Cabinets via All Sorts Of

It is perfect for a kitchen with lots of natural light and goes well with dark hardware like All Sorts Of did in this kitchen. The light-color walls, tile, and ceiling help brighten up the cabinets.

4. Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray

Amazing Grey will work in just about any kitchen. It is a very versatile color with slightly warm green and grey tones. A creamy white wall color with black and brass hardware goes great with this greige. This would work well in a kitchen with lots of natural light as it will look a lot warmer and muddier in a dark setting.

Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray kitchen cabinets.
Amazing Gray Kitchen Cabinets via Paper Moon Painting

5. Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Gray

Edgecomb Grey is an excellent color to add warmth to your kitchen while still feeling light. It can look either warm or cool depending on how much natural light you get. It doesn’t have any strong undertones making it a versatile choice.

Benjamin Moore Edgecomb Grey cabinets with a warm white wall color and silver hardware.
Edgecomb Grey Kitchen Cabinets

A soft, warm white goes best with this greige, like the walls in this kitchen.

6. Benjamin Moore Classic Gray

Benjamin Moore Classic Grey kitchen cabinets with gold hardware. Black trim windows paired with wood kitchen utensils and boards.
Classic Grey cabinets via Simple Offerings

Classic Grey is such a versatile color depending on your kitchen. Lots of natural light will make it seem a warmer grey. A darker kitchen will show more of the beige undertones. It is perfect for making a space feel open and airy.

7. Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray

Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey cabinets with a creamy white wall color and gold hardware.
Agreeable Grey kitchen cabinets via Jen Naye Herrmann

SW Agreeable Grey is a warm greige that pairs well with brass hardware and black accents. It is such an easy color to work with as it is very flexible with natural light, decor, and wall colors.

8. Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige

Sherwin Williams Accessible Beige on kitchen cabinets with brass hardware and dark counters.
Accessible Beige Cabinets via Studio Mcgee

SW Accessible Beige is considered by many to be the perfect greige paint. It has a warm taupe undertone (that can look slightly pink in some lighting conditions) and goes well with earthy accents.

In this Studio McGee kitchen, antique brass hardware is used but it also goes really well brighter shades of brass, or even matte black hardware. Dark counters will make the cabinets feel darker but a light marble will brighten them up.

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9. Benjamin Moore Pale Oak

BM Pale Oak is a lighter greige color that pairs well with natural wood tones. Natural light and creamy white walls, like this from AKB Designs make the cabinets feel lighter.

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak on kitchen cabinets with creamy white walls and gold hardware.
Pale Oak on kitchen cabinets via AKB Designs

This color goes great with earth tones and light colors. Add contrast with black accents and natural wood to make the color pop.

Popular Grey mixes cool and warm tones to create a perfect greige color. It has purple and pink undertones making it a warmer taupe shade. It goes great with blue, green, and warm white paints and decor.

light and airy kitchen with cabinets painted Sherwin Williams Popular Gray.

11. Sherwin Williams Greek Villa

Greek Villa is a warm white with creamy undertones, making it a light greige. It has subtle warm tones making the kitchen feel cozy and inviting. It goes perfectly with natural wood and brass hardware making it an excellent choice for kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets painted with Greek Villa via Paper Moon Painting

12. Benjamin Moore Bolboa Mist

Bolboa Mist is a warm grey with beige undertones, paired well with warm and cool tones. It is a perfect lighter greige color making which can make a kitchen feel bigger than it is.

Benjamin Moore Bolboa Mist kitchen cabinets with black hardware, light wood floors, and white backsplash
Bolboa Mist kitchen cabinets via Home Bunch

This kitchen by Home Bunch used Bolboa Mist on the cabinets paired with black hardware making the cabinets feel bright and airy.

13. Benjamin Moore Baby Fawn

BM Baby Fawn is actually the same color as BM Edgecomb Gray, just with a different name! It’s a neutral greige that can make any kitchen feel warm and inviting. This color looks best with the right lighting and decor. It doesn’t have any strong undertones but at times can feel slightly pink or green.

Benjamin Moore Baby Fawn on cabinets with a warm white wall color. Black accents and brass hardware.
Baby Fawn kitchen cabinets via Studio Mcgee

In this kitchen by Studio Mcgee, Baby Fawn is paired with black window trim and light fixture as well as brass cabinet hardware. The darker wood flooring helps brighten up the cabinets making the space feel bigger.

14. Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist

Depending on the lighting of a room Drift of Mist can have green undertones. It is the perfect color for a coastal vibe and goes well with wood tones. It is the perfect way to balance out a room with cool blue and green colors.

Sherwin Williams Drift of Mist kitchen cabinets with gold hardware and fixtures and light wood decor.

In this kitchen Drift of Mist is paired perfectly with gold hardware. The natural light bounces off the cabinets making the room spacious and bright.

15. Dunn Edwards Shady

Dunn Edwards Shade kitchen cabinets with gold fixtures. Lots of natural light and marble counters.
Dunn Edwards Shady cabinets via All Sorts Of

Dunn Edwards Shady is a light and neutral grey with beige undertones. It is a very warm color that goes well with brass hardware. The perfect color for a kitchen with lots of natural light to make it feel bigger.

Don’t Forget…

Don’t forget – no matter what you’ve read or photos you’ve seen online, it’s really important to sample paint colors in your home before committing!

Samplize provides real paint samples that are easy to move around your home, and cheaper than buying a gazillion paint pots! It’s the only way I buy paint samples.

Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect greige for your kitchen cabinets can seem daunting since there’s so many stunning shades to choose from. Like with any paint color, it’s important to take note of the natural light in your space and how it changes throughout the day. You may like the color in the morning but by the afternoon it’s a totally different shade.

Picking the right hardware and decor that pairs well with your chosen greige will also change the end look of your cabinets, so be sure to take that into consideration as you make your choice.

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