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Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams (SW 7551) is a warm-toned off-white paint color that boasts deep, creamy undertones. It’s often noted as the perfect paint color for those seeking a neutral cozy welcoming feeling in their home.

a paint swatch of sherwin williams greek villa

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa neutral paint color and has been listed among the top 50 paint colors! If you are looking for a creamier paint color in your home, this is a great choice.

What Color is Greek Villa?

Greek Villa presents as a creamy soft-white neutral paint color, distinguishing itself as a bright off-white with a gentle warmth. Its appeal lies in its subtle warm undertones, making it a versatile color that enhances the ambiance of any space.

What is The LRV of SW Greek Villa?

Light Reflective Value (LRV) quantifies how much light a color reflects when illuminated. The LRV of Greek Villa stands at 84, positioning it as an extremely light-toned paint color that can significantly brighten rooms.

Find this interesting? Learn more about LRV in paint colors.

Is it Greek Villa a Warm or Cool Color?

SW Greek Villa is a warm paint color that creates a cozy, warm toned, inviting, off-white ambiance perfect for making spaces feel welcoming.

What Are The Undertones of Greek Villa?

Greek Villa’s allure lies in its creamy undertones—a soft off-white hue that eschews being a stark white in favor of warm, slight beige, and subtle yellow undertones.

Real Room Examples

Incorporating Greek Villa can make spaces appear larger, brighter, and infused with warmth. It’s especially effective in north-facing rooms, which might lack natural light, by reflecting light efficiently due to its high light reflective value.

Whether it’s applied in a living room or dining room, this paint color adjusts beautifully to lighting conditions, including south-facing light and artificial light from light bulbs, ensuring the room always feels airy and bright.

Sherman Williams Greek Villa painted on a guest bedroom wall cozy pillows and bedding
SW Greek Villa painted on Bedroom wall Via Blushing Boho

In spaces with little natural light or east-facing rooms that receive gentle morning light, Greek Villa maintains its airy feel, thanks to its high reflectivity.

Its versatility extends to trims and ceilings, enhancing the perceived height of rooms, and making it a great option for interior walls in a home office or the front door in exterior paint applications.

SW Greek Villa Painted on wall in living room and dining room walls
Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams painted on walls and trim via Emily Henderson

It also looks amazing on your walls, and fireplace brick!

Sherman Williams Greek Villa  used on fireplace mantle wall  with mirrors and decor
Sherwin Williams Greek Villa used on Wall via What The Fab Blog

Despite its recommendation for ceilings and trim, this warm white paint color is also an excellent cabinet color, and suitable for exterior home applications, offering a warm soft look.

SW Greek Villa Painted on exterior of home patio walls
Exterior of Home Patio walls painted with Greek Villa via KCR Group

If I’m using this paint color on my walls, what white trim color will look best?

You could keep your trim Greek Villa, and use a semi-gloss paint to differentiate between the walls and trim.

However, if you want to showcase the wall’s colors and warmth, I would go with SW Pure White for the trim. It’s a bright white with just a smidge of warmth so it never looks cold. It looks great with all wall colors, but it’s especially the correct choice if the wall color is already warm.

Would Greek Villa Work for Kitchen Cabinets?

Greek Villa would be a gorgeous color for your kitchen cabinets, if you are wanting a creamy look and not a super bright white.

Kitchen Cabinets painted with Sherwin Williams Greek Villa
Kitchen Cabinets painted with SW Greek Villa via Paper Moon Painting

Greek Villa harmonizes beautifully with warm wood tones and brass hardware, make it an excellent choice for that perfect white paint color for a kitchen remodel.

Is Greek Villa Lighter Than Alabaster?

When compared to Sherwin Williams Alabaster, Greek Villa is slightly lighter and warmer, making it a little bit more inviting. Alabaster—with an LRV of 82—has more gray undertones, whereas Greek Villa, with an LRV of 84, leans into warm, creamy undertones.

paint swatch comparison of sherwin williams greek villa and alabaster

What Colors Coordinate Best With SW Greek Villa

This versatile color harmonizes with a range of neutral accents, including whites, browns, and grays, and pairs well with similar paint colors like SW Shoji White and SW Alabaster. For a pop of color, SW Faded Flaxflower and SW Gibraltar offer delightful complements.

SW Color Snap Visualizer Colors that Coordinate with Greek Villa
FSW Color Snap Visualizer Colors that Coordinate with Greek Villa via Sherwin Williams

Final Thoughts

Sherwin Williams Greek Villa is lauded as one of the best white paint colors for its versatility, elegance, and timelessness. Whatever room it is used in, its light reflective value and warm undertones make it a universally appealing choice for nearly any application, solidifying its status as a good idea for those picking paint for the first time or looking to refresh their space with a perfect paint color.

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