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Are you desperate to be a plant mom but every single plant you have ever owned has turned brown and died a sad, painful death? Fear not, I have your back! I have compiled a list of some of the easiest to care for plants that will turn you into a green fingered goddess, while transforming your home into a lush, green sanctuary! If you’re not sure where to start your indoor plant collection, these are the perfect choices.

My Favorite Easy To Care For Plants

In my experience of being a plant mom I have noticed that there are some house plants which no matter how much or how little I water, or no matter how much or little light I give them, they just don’t seem to die! These plants are usually more tropical plants that natively grow in drier climates, need minimal water and tend to live under the shade of large trees. This is great news for us aspiring plant moms as it means we can easily mimmic this dry, warm and shady environment indoors.

Here are six of my favorite easy care plants:

  • Snake Plant (also known as a Sansevieria)
  • Monstera / Cheese Plant (formally known as a Monstera Deliciosa – doesn’t this sound like a spell from Harry Potter?!)
  • Dracaena (also known as a Dragon Tree)
  • ZZ Plant (also known as a Zamioculcas Zamiifolia)
  • Golden Pothos/Devil’s Ivy (also known as Epipremnum Aureum)
  • Yucca Plant

Over Watering Is The Easiest Way To Kill These Plants

In my experience, over watering is the greatest cause of plant death. This causes the roots to rot so is a definite no-no. Plants should never be on a water schedule – it just doesn’t work! Instead – check your soil every week by placing a finger in 2 inches deep. If the soil is still moist – the soil will cling to your finger. If the soil needs a water – your finger will come out clean.

When you do water, take the plant out of its decorative pot, place the plant (which should be housed in an inner nursery pot with holes for drainage) and pop it in the sink which should be full of water. Leave the plant for an hour or two to soak up water from the bottom up and you’re good to go!

Lighting Conditions

These plants all do well in lower light areas, so they’ll really be happy anywhere! Most of my easy care plants live in the bathroom, bedroom or on shelves in the corner of my living room.

Snake Plants

two rows of potted snake plants in terracotta pots

If there were to be a prize for the least dramatic plant I have ever owned – it would certainly be the snake plant. Given their name from the fact that they literally look like snakes with their heads in the soil, snake plants thrive on neglect. These plants favour a soil which is on the drier side and are happy in lower light areas. If they are really happy you might even see yours having a few little babies!


Cheeseplants are one of my all time favourite plants – they are wild and grow really large. They look so beautiful in any home and give a really green, lush appearance. I particular love their large leaves with their signature variations. Monsteras do enjoy a little more water than a snake plant – but make sure the soil dries out in between waterings. They also like a little bit more light – bright indirect light is the perfect environment for them.

mini monstera house plant
Mini Monstera

My two “girls” are placed a few feet from our living room window and seem very happy there! Once your monsteras start to grow very large you may want to invest in some moss poles to help support their long, large leaves. Oh, and don’t forget to give those large leaves a wipe with a damp cloth every few months as the dust stops them for being able to take in their light!

Dracaena (Dragon Tree)

Like my other two choices of easy care plants, Dracaena is also pretty indestructible! They love a dry soil and seem to do well in any indirectly lit area. These plants can be very slow to grow but I think you’ll agree that their spike- like leaves are absolutely stunning. They add a really nice visual interest to the home and are great for purifying the air. Also, beware that these beautiful plants are toxic to cats and dogs so keep it up and out of their way. Mine lives on a windowsill where I know the cats can’t get to it!

ZZ Plant

Now this is a plan on my wish list! She’s a beautiful and very graceful wand like structure and the good news? She adores low light and little water. The ZZ plant is therefore the perfect addition to a place in your home where she can be neglected! This is the ideal plant for a windowless or low light room and will tolerate literal months of neglect in terms of watering! As always check the soil before watering and less is more for this beautiful plant.

Golden Pothos (Devil’s Ivy)

There are many different species of pothos however I really enjoy the golden pathos variety due to its glossy leaves which have wonderful irregular white and yellow stripe. This plant looks wonderful as a hanging plant, especially hanging from a bookcase. As before, too much water will definitely kill this plant, so less is always more. The golden pothos loves a medium light condition so a bookcase in a living room will be the perfect environment for her. Please note that this is another plant which is toxic to animals so please keep away from those house pets who may delight into a chew or two.


My sister has four yuccas indoors as well as two large mature yucca trees growing in her backyard in England, and let me say – these wonderful plants are extremely hardy and will survive pretty much any harsh condition – the only exception being water logging. These are super slow growing plants but make such a wonderful vocal point to any room. Yucca’s love low water levels – I honestly can’t remember the last time I watered mine (probably about a month ago!).

They are however highly sensitive to over-watering so if in doubt – neglect is your best bet! Their soil should be very dry in between waterings. Yucca’s love bright or bright indirect sunlight so they are best placed beside a window where they can soak up the rays. You will get many, many years of joy from this beautiful hard-wearing plant.

Living in the North East, Yucca’s will not survive outdoors due to water logged soil. But if you live in the South West (where they are Native), they will thrive.

The Takeaway

If there was one thing I could tell all aspiring plant moms it would be to avoid over-watering! Don’t be afraid to leave that soil dry out in between waterings and always test the soil before getting that watering can out. Good luck, plant moms of the future. You got this!

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