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Have you ever opened your deep kitchen drawers only to find a chaotic jumble of kitchen utensils, dish towels, and seemingly lost items? Deep drawers offer a lot of space, but without the right organizers, they can quickly become your kitchen’s junk drawer.

Let’s take the first step towards a well-organized kitchen by maximizing the available space in these deeper drawers, making everything from pots and pans to your favorite baking supplies easy to find and within easy reach.

Embrace the Power of Bamboo Drawer Dividers

The best way to start organizing your deep kitchen drawers is by using bamboo drawer dividers. These are a great option because they’re not only sturdy and aesthetically pleasing but also expandable and adjustable to fit the specific dimensions of your drawers.

deep kitchen drawer with organized tupperware.

They create smaller sections within a large drawer, making it the perfect way to separate different types of kitchen utensils or dish towels from larger items like small appliances or food storage containers.

Utilize Peg Boards for Custom Layouts

Peg boards are a fantastic solution for deeper drawers, especially if you store pots, pans, or larger cooking utensils in them.

pegboard for plates inside deep kitchen drawer.

You can customize the layout to fit your specific items, ensuring that each one has its own space.

This is particularly useful for keeping lids organized next to their corresponding pots. Plus, it’s a great time-saver as you won’t have to rummage through a cluttered drawer to find the right lid anymore.

Organize with Clear Containers and Acrylic Dividers

For smaller items that tend to get lost in the depth of the drawer, use clear containers or acrylic dividers.

They’re a simple yet effective solution for organizing everything from pizza cutters and oven mitts to smaller cooking gadgets.

deep kitchen drawer with organized baking ingredients.

I personally have an entire drawer dedicated to baking ingredients. Each container is clearly labelled, so it’s easy to grab what I need. The deep drawers mean I can fit substantially sized containers, too.

Not everyone wants to decant every single item they own, but I do suggest doing it for things like sugar, cocoa powder, flour and chocolate chips. In my experience, those items inevitably end up spilling out of their bags and making a mess. Putting them into clear containers not only stops them spilling, but ensures that they stay fresh longer.

Create a Spice Drawer

Transform one of your deep drawers into a dedicated spice drawer. While shallow kitchen drawers are typically used for spices, deeper drawers can be an even better option, especially if you use clear spice jar containers or in-drawer spice racks.

kitchen drawer with organized and labeled spice jars.

This setup allows you to see all your spices at a glance, making it quick and easy to find exactly what you need while cooking. Remember, the easiest way to maintain this system is to group similar items together and label everything clearly.

Quick Tip: In-Drawer Knife Block

Consider an in-drawer knife block for one of your deep drawers. It’s an efficient way to store your important tools, keeping them sharp and ready to use. Plus, it frees up a lot of counter or kitchen cabinet space.

Don’t Forget About the Extras

If you have extra space or a next drawer to organize, think about adding door baskets or expanding your bamboo dividers to accommodate items like plastic wrap, aluminum foil, and kitchen towels.

Budget allowing, look into baking sheet storage ideas such as cookie sheet organizing cabinets. They’ve been a total game-changer in my own home!

For larger appliances that seem to be taking up too much precious cabinet space, look into alternative kitchen appliance storage solutions!

These are often the items that create clutter but are essential for a functional kitchen. Giving them their own designated spot makes a huge difference.

Final Thoughts

Organizing your deep kitchen drawers doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right size bamboo dividers, peg boards, and clear containers, you can transform your messy drawers into your favorite drawers. Remember, a well-organized drawer not only saves you a lot of time but also makes cooking a more enjoyable experience. So, take the first step today, and enjoy your new home for all your kitchen essentials!

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  1. What about fixed shelves of deep cupboards ?
    Thank you

    1. a lazy susan is a great helper for those deeper cupboards, or bins with handles that are easy to pull out!